ConvertUps - allows adults to wear cheap regular baby diapers for light to moderate incontinence

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Hi Guys,

We run a site which sells a product called ConvertUps, which adapts regular size 6/7 baby diapers/nappies so that older kids, teens and adults can wear them. We've had a wide range of customers from parents of kids who are toilet training to bedwetting teens to adults, both with continence issues and ABDL interests.

We are happy to help any customer who will benefit from our product. One area that I think we can really help with is adults who have mild to moderate continence issues. ConvertUps allow any brand of regular baby diaper to be adapted to fit larger teens and adults. We are actually in talks with the UK National Health Service continence service about supplying our products officially through their service.

Check out ConvertUps here:

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news about ConvertUps.

There is a good overview of how the product works, and a gallery with pictures of it in use.

If you have any questions please contact us through the form on the site and we will come back as quickly as we can.

Thanks for looking, we hope we can help you.



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If the talks mature it will be a good business deal for you,however for those with continence problems living under the NHS and the "austerity budget" its just another dark day of the NHS finding ways to deny care and services to people who are the most at risk.

Yes i am an American living in America so you think why does this guy care about this when i "Dont have a horse in the race"

I am an advocate for disabled rights no matter the place or time as long as i still have a pulse.

I am on Compassionate Disability which means that i automaticly was given it when they figured out what was wrong "there is no treatment, and certainly no cure" my disability ends only in death,so therefore i advocate for those who cant for any reason not be self advocating.
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