Control & Joy Division

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This movie examines the life of Joy Division and their frontman, Ian Curtis.
It was directed by the famous Photographer Antony Curbjin.
Ian Curtis is a cult icon amongst the goth and post punk cliques, changing with joy division the shape of the british school of Punk/Post Punk influenced music forever alongside Mark e. smith from The Fall, by painting bitter landscapes of disorder, loss of control and fascistic dictatorships disguised as democracies. Unfortunatelly, Ian hanged himself in 1980 due to depression caused naturaly, his relationship with his long time wife Debbie Curtis breaking up, and his grande epilepsy fits that stopped him sometimes from going on stage.
Joy Division is a reference to the whore houses that the germans used during World war II. It's an ironical name, as not any member was a nazi (Except Bernard Sumner [The Guitarist], who was a royalist. But not a nazi.). The name tries to express the ghastlyness and decadence of of the 20th century and years to come.

But anyways, enough brainfood, who has seen 'Control'. If so, what where your opinions on it? Are you a fan of joy division?
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Transmission Live

Disorder (unofficial video clip)

(Band Members)
Ian Curtis - Vocals & Guitar.
Peter Hook - Bass guitar & Bck. Vocals.
Bernard Sumner - Lead Guitar.
Stephen Moriss - Drums.

Later re-incarnations : New Order.

Joy Division Myspace :

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I'm not a huge fan or anything, but I do think that they're a good band.


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Joy Division are one of my own personal favorite bands, and I really do believe that Curtis was a very pivotal musician in his time. He's right up there with Bauhaus and Peter Murphy for me -- they both share a similar feeling (in my brain) and illicit the same thoughts! I love them both, and it's a shame that Curtis has passed on.

Joy Division seem to have cemented themselves as a staple for the goth and punk society, but their music makes the reasons why very clear -- Curtis' vocals were actually profoundly haunting to me for some reason. The timbre of his voice particularly disturbs me, and I think that's one of the reasons why they're so very iconic in my mind!

Great videos, Dusk! Thank you for the chance to see them!
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