Control Issues & Progression in Young Adults

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I am usually only online here to discuss AB topics but I also have OAB and recently I have noticed it progressing into "wet" OAB. I now often have leaks especially after eating or waking up at night/in the mornings (specifically from standing after ingesting water or holding while asleep) and sometimes on bad days the urgency will be so painful and intense that I end up having a complete involuntary void if I don't reach a toilet within 15 minutes of the first need to go. As if waking up 4-6 times a night wasn't enough of a struggle already. Also, it may be important to mention that these issues are most likely not caused by my choice to occasionally wear diapers for age regression/stress relief as that only happens a few times a week at most. I feel a bit strange admitting this as I'm only 20 and I didn't expect things to get to this point so quickly.

I am going to see my doctor and I am not asking for medical advice, however, I do have a few questions for the IC community. Has anyone else experienced progression like this at an early age? Are issues like these more common in young adults than our society likes to acknowledge?
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You are experiencing many of the indicators of IC and it is time to have a very long and detailed talk with your doctor and a detailed examination is what you want. Be very open and honest with your Doctor. The results could be anything from an infection, specific bladder issues all the way to any number of illnesses.

Regarding age, although there are ages that are more common. The reality is, what you are experiencing happens across a wide cross-section of ages.

Although just a bit older than you are today,I started the day as with zero IC issues, but resulting from a car crash, I became IC. That was near 5 decades ago and little has changed during that time other than the resources available today.

With great luck, your Doctor may find something that can be treated and with hope you can return to a life of choice.

In the mean time, consider upgrading your nighttime protection, likely a diaper that can hold volume as no one is happy with leaks!
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