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hi all,
I just moved in to a new place where I have my own washer and dryer, and I wanted to know what the best cloth diapers were for side sleeping, the best way to fold them, the best ones to get, do I need a certain style of plastic pants? do they need to be washed immediately after I take them off in the morings or right after an accident? also, does anyone know of good disposable diapers that I could be confident wetting on my side without plastic pants. thanks everyone, have a great diapered day.


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I am more confident wetting on my side in a fresh cloth with plastic pants on than ever with a disposable
P/s go 2 sizes in pants if using cloth sheet diapers


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terry-towelling are the best. Gary brand plastic-pants are also good, especially in the 'high' waisted form (and 'thick' material).

for a terry-towelling diaper, you need only a good quality towel, which you may cut to size if you wish. look for towels with a gsm (grams per square metre, or US equivilent) of over 650gsm (800's are my favourites).
the fold is what best works for you, but if you've chosen the size adequately, doesn't really matter, so long as you aim for coverage rather than bulk. and especially for side-sleeping, you don't need too much bulk between the legs.
for fastening, pins may be the traditional manner, but people are generally moving away from them in favour of safer and more flexible fasteners. i use simple and cheap mini-bungees, with sharpened points.
i also recommend the use of a liner, sourced as 'frost protection fleece' from any general hardware/gardening outlet. cut to size and wash before use (to soften the material).

when buying plastic-pants, it's usually best to size by the thigh/leg diameter; and it's also not a good idea to have the elastics tight against the skin, especially whilst sleeping as it may restrict the bloodflow. as a guide, professional nannies are taught that the elastications of plastic-pants should not be so tight as to leave a mark on the skin.
the practise of this feeds back into correctly sizing your diaper as the diaper should be large/voluminous enough to absorb as needed, while the pastic-pants are there not to contain, but act as a barrier against transferrence of dampness to bedding and clothes.

basically, the bigger, the better. but focus on coverage rather a concentrated bulk.
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