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Is abdl offensive to the ic?
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LiLMaus said:
Is abdl offensive to the ic?
humm, I hope not. although I think I see where you are coming from, for someone that becomes ic through no thought of their own all this could seem overwhelming.

I hope that we are all so friendly and excepting of everyone that they will soon forget any offence that they may have felt, and feel supported.
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I don’t see any animosity from either group towards the other.

In fact I think that ABDL being a thing has greatly benefited the quality of life for most IC folks.

ABDL comforts and supports IC individuals. We push diaper quality standards far forward producing many quality products. I’ve also seen several IC folks embrace ABDL as an avenue to accept themselves.
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It would be interesting to hear from the other side.
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As one that has to wear 24/7 for heath reasons its not, until they broad case it everywhere !!
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Not at all!!

If anythings, for me, my deep concern for the health of my ever increasing number of AB/DC friends are to provide an awareness the hardships of 24/7, IC and an attempt to shield those who have a want to join us by experiencing 24/7, IC. I may sound a bit hard when I recommend that my AB/DL friends reframe from become 'by choice' 24/7, IC. It is never from a position of offense, but from a position of great concern.

When it comes to public display, please understand that those of us who are by no choice of our own 24/7, IC, have long been out in the public as part of normal life. Each of us have been faced with humiliation caused by leaks, poorly fitting cloths and having to change in iffy locations. Many of us have decades of being out and about and we have long worked to gain acceptance. It is likely why I can be a bit cautionary.

There is no question that the AB/DL community has been very instrumental in increasing the number and quality of products available today. It is important to also understand that most AB/DL suppliers had begun providing custom wear to the IC community as well.
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