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I am a bit confused. I thought I was an adult baby...diapers,use diapers, paci,baba etc.
But now I think I enjoy being TOLD I am misbehaving and acting like a baby or a naughty little girl and gently losing a privelage or a time out with a lecture on acting like a big girl.
Is it possible that I have changed my preferences??
BTW the "adult" in the situation does not know of my adult baby tendencies. He is just disciplining me because I am Bipolar and tend to lose my temper and throw tantrums. He has been like a father to me for half my life. But when he disciplines or tells me to calm down and take a nap I feel little and protected. Am I completely insane?????
I'd say it's pretty common for people to refine their preferences or discover new things.

There's no reason these feelings have to be exclusive, you can have both. They can also (and probably will) fade in and out based on what's going on in your life. It's also possible you are narrowing in on what you really want.
I agree with BoundCoder. I also think that one can start at one place and gradually, incorporate more aspects, such as into role playing, etc. Many years ago I started more as a DL, but over the many years, being AB has taken on a more dominant role. I've gone from a solitary player, to bringing my wife into it, as she is slowly learning to address my little side, something I enjoy. So I see nothing unusual in your journey.
I think when you explore any aspect of yourself, it can be surprising what you find out you do and don't enjoy. As well as the fact that desires change and develop (as mentioned above), there's also the chance you'll stumble upon something you really enjoy - in this case a kind of gentle punishment - which hadn't occurred or even appealed to you before.

When I first explored my ABDL tendencies, I was quite definite that I liked 3 years old as being my headspace, and even tried to make my behaviour accurate to that age. However, I gradually realised that I liked being smaller and less verbal than that, and enjoyed toys and activities geared towards infants and younger toddlers. I didn't think 'Oh this is wrong, I'm supposed to be 3.' I thought...okay, lets give some slightly different ageplay a go!

Few of us 'fit' into a niche within ABDL and then stay there forever. Most of us enjoy various different, sometimes contradictory aspects of being an AB/Little, and what we enjoy changes over time as we change as individuals. If you like time-outs and being told you've been naughty, that's awesome. If you stop enjoying it, or want to try something new within ABDL... don't hang onto it, believing that previous desires define the way you are. ABDL is an extremely fluid, changing thing.

Go with what seems fun in the moment, and see where it takes you. :)
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