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I’ve just found this old story on my phone.
It has been posted in full previously elsewhere. Let me know what you think and if you want to read more.

Commission Position

Flicking through the newspaper I could feel myself getting even more frantic by the page, my internet job searches had drawn a blank and I decided that looking through the local publications job section might prove fruitful.

It had been 3 months since I lost my position at Green Recruitment and the very megre redundancy money was running worryingly low.

With no savings to speak of I was quite aware that I needed to make money fast or risk losing my flat and everything else I had worked so hard for.

It was nt the first time in my 53 years that I had questioned where had I gone so wrong, most men of my age had a family, loving partner, a job and a savings account to fall back on, I had none of these.

Over the years I’d had a number of opportunities to find ‘happiness’ with a partner but things never worked out. Looking back I always felt in the relationship that the woman I was with at the time was never right for me, my preference for a ‘strong’ woman was the main factor for all my relationships fading out.
As I turned another page my eyes were drawn to a rather colorful advert in the sales positions section.

A small company require a sales manager to help launch new products on to the market.

Benefits include a good commission system, paid holidays, private health care and a pension contribution.

Leads given and the job will include seminars and sales trips around the Country. If interested please apply to [email protected]

A quick internet search could nt find a company called LBU but that peaked my interest even further.

In a positive frame of mind I quickly wrote a cover letter, popped that along with CV on an email to the address supplied and sent it off.
A few days later whilst checking my emails I saw that I had got a reply from LBU and they had requested I attend an interview at an address in Watford, Herts, the following day. Whilst this was a bit further than I wanted to travel for work from my home in Kent it was the first positive reply I’d had from my numerous job applications in a while and I was desperate.

So on Tuesday 4th at 2pm I found myself walking into a shared office block dressed in my best suit waiting to meet the interview team from LBU..

The receptionist had greeted me and asked me to sit down in the nearby chair and said the section manager would be down to meet me very soon.
I looked around the reception area to see what sort of business LBU was, but all adverts and promotions seemed to be for a company call Little Uns and all featured images of babies and toddlers in nappies or just phots of the nappies.
Distracted for a minute I had nt seen the stunning blonde woman walking towards me and offering her hand.
“Ahem” she coughed to gain my attention.

Looking up I apologise straight away
“So sorry, I was miles away, I’m Dan” and I extended my hand to shake the lady’s hand.

“Abby Jones” the blonde said betraying a strong Scottish accent.

“I’m the manager of the companies new LBU section. Very pleased to meet you”

I reciprocated and Abby asked me to follow her to her office where she would conduct the interview.

I had the chance to study Abby on the short walk up the stairs and realised it had been a while since I’d been in the company of such a beauty. I estimated her age at around 40 years old, she had the confidence of someone who knew that their blue eyes and pretty features would appeal to most of the opposite sex and she carried her amazonrsque frame with grandeur.
It was nt until I was asked to sit down on the office we had entered that I managed to get my thoughts out of the gutter.

“So, Dan, I’ve read your cv, and whilst you’re not experienced in the area we are looking for, your sales results seem to speak for there selves”

“Thank you” I replied “I like to think that I can turn my hand to selling anything and will do everything in my power to make the sale”

“Well let me start by telling you a little of what our company is about and what you’ll be selling in the new section”

“Little Uns was founded by Mary Reeves in the early 80s and soon became the go to company for disposable nappies for babies,or rather their parents in the UK”

“Over the years we have diversified into many areas of protective underwear and other baby paraphernalia and this year we are getting ready to launch our next product on to the market”

“Little Big Uns is a disposable nappy range for adults, basically a larger version of our most popular baby product”

I raised my eyebrows having never heard that adults needing nappies.
Having seen my surprised look Abby continued.
“The idea for an adult sized version came about after we increased the size of our largest toddler version”
“It seemed that that size ran out on the Little Uns website and we were being continually asked if whether we could make an even bigger version to fit a fully grown adult”

“Acting upon research that says due to an ever aging population the need for adult incontinence is a ever growing market we decided to launch LBU and see where we go”

I nodded as Abby continued

“So what I’m looking for is someone who can sell our new product direct to focus groups and then eventually supermarkets and department stores around the UK”

In my most confident voice I repeated my earlier claim that I was sure that my sales technique would mean that I could sell anything.

“Good” said Abby, “be aware though, to start with the majority of the focus groups we will be visiting will be females” “Do have any issues with that?”

“Absolutely none” I replied

“And that the team here and on your sales trips are mainly women too”
I shook my head again
“Excellent” “Well lets have a quick chat about you, discuss salary and benefits and all being okay I shall introduce you to the product you’ll be selling”
During the next 20 minutes Abby grilled me about my previous occupations, personal life and ambitions.

The salary was a little less that I was expecting but the commission on sales was very high and with every confidence in my own abilities to sell I gladly accepted the position when Abby offered it to me.
We shook hands and I thought that was that.
Abby excused herself and left the office for ten minutes, on her return she entered the room with a grin

“Welcome aboard” Abby said “I’d like you to start on Friday, if you can arrive at 8.30am I’ll introduce you to the LBU team”

“Great” I replied “I look forward to working here and making us both a lot of money”
Abby smiled “Before you leave, please ask reception to give a sample packet. I’d like you to study the product completely before Monday and let me know your thoughts”
“No worries” we shook hands again and Abby walked me to the reception area.
Two hours later I was sitting back in my flat in Kent with the parcel I had collected from reception.

I made myself a cup of tea and sat down on the sofa. Reaching for the brown package I ripped the protective paper of and pulled out the white object inside. As I opened up the large disposable nappy a note dropped out, but before reading it I studied the product.
It was white, rather thick and made of a soft plastic. They was faint writing on the front saying LBU. To me it just looked like a larger sized nappy similar to what my nephew had worn as a baby.

Two tapes on either side of the front, I did nt think there was too much to be learnt from the sample.
Sipping my tea I reached for the note and read the hand written words
“Hi Dan, lI look forward to working with you. Please look at the sample of LBU. Try it on for size and test it. I expect a full report on Thursday morning”


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I read the note twice more just to confirm to myself exactly what I thought it had said.

“Try it on?” “Test it?”

I don’t think so
There was no way normally I’d even consider putting on a nappy but nagging thoughts came into my head.
What if my new job depended on it?

I could nt afford to miss the opportunity of full time employment after so long. If I could add something subjective to my report it might work in my favour and show my ambition to make the product successful.

So I came to a decision, I’d try the disposable nappy on over my boxer shorts, that way I felt I could still retain my adult status whilst wearing such a childish item.

I’d already changed out of my interview clothes earlier so it was just a case of dropping my tracksuit bottoms and taping up the sides.
I felt that as babies are changed laying down it might be an easier way for me to get the nappy on.
So I lay down, lifting my bum off the floor just enough to slip the disposable under myself. Making sure I’d put it the right way round I quickly pulled the front up between my legs and after tugging the sides close in I taped it up.

The moment I stood up the nappy dropped down my thighs and away from my mid drift, clearly I had nt taped it up tight enough.

I lay down again and this time concentrating on pulling the tapes further, determined not to make the same mistake again, the problem was that the adhesive tapes on the nappy had lost a lot of their tackiness. After a few attempts I decided to fetch some sticky tape to help grip the sides.

After returning to my prone position and using extra tape I had success, I got to my feet and the nappy stayed in place.

It was nt a displeasurable feeling, the padding hugged my genitals well and whilst it felt a lot thicker between my legs than my regular underwear the bulk did nt restrict my movement too much.

I noted how the plastic rustled as I walked about my flat to get to the nearest mirror.

There I stood, looking at my reflection, a grown man wearing a nappy.
I felt ridiculous and whilst still watching myself in the mirror I tore open all the tapes, let the nappy drop and held the product in one hand.

I had been asked to test it too, so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a measuring jug.

I was nt sure how much water to add to the jug but I filled it to the top and took the nappy to bathroom.
15 minutes later I noted the results on my phone ready for Friday.

Friday came and I t was an early start for me, but I managed to drag myself out of bed and made it to the office on my first day by 8.22am

Abby met me in reception at 8.30am on the dot, she looked stunning in a white lining dress and smart black jacket. I realised then it might take me some time to get used to working for such a beauty.

She led me to her office for a quick chat and to hear my thoughts on the product.

l told her honestly about my struggle to initially fit the nappy on successfully, I did let her know that the tape system that allows you to reposition the disposable a second or more times would be a great idea and addition because of the issue I had .

When it came to the wet test, I told her the amount of liquid the nappy had taken before reaching saturation point. She questioned how I knew exactly the amount of liquid the nappy had taken and I told her about my measuring jug.

I caught a flash of irritation in her eyes when she replied that was nt the way I had been expected to test the product.

“Okay, Dan I’m going to introduce you to Amanda, she is the third part of the new LBU team, a mother and grandmother, she has been nappying her family for years and her experience as a mother will add relative knowledge to the group.

Abby picked up the phone and asked the person at the other end to join us in the office.
Two minutes later there was a smart rap on the door and it opened and in entered Amanda.

“Hi Amanda, let me introduce you to Dan” Abby said

I got up from my seat and shook Amanda’s hand.

“Hello Dan” Amanda almost purred

“Hi” I almost stammered back.

Amanda was just as stunning as Abby, whilst their looks differed, Amanda being brunette, slightly shorter with a spectacular bossum, they could both easily have been playboy bunnies in their youth, tbh they were probably both still hot enough to grace Hugh Hefner’s mansion.
Looking towards Abby, Amanda grinned and pronounced that I was perfect for the team of three and added that the female buyers will love me.

Blushing slightly, I said “thank you”

Abby laughed and said
“I hope you’re not that easy to embarrass, you’re going to hear far worse than that from both of us let alone the wine sozzled focus groups we’ll be meeting soon’

Amanda laughed.
“When will our first focus group meeting be?”

Abby replied
“Well, if you’re both available to work a little late tonight I can try and get a older mothers group set up. It should nt be too hard, the lure of alcohol and a hand full of notes can usually bring in a good crowd”
I had no plans, so was happy to agree to work late, keen to start earning my money as soon as possible and eager to show my commitment to the project.

It seemed that Amanda was in the same position and also said yes

“Good” Abby said, “Amanda can you take Dan under your wing and show him the ropes. Let him see all our research and I’ll get on and arrange the event tonight”

I sat close to Amanda for the rest of the day, seeing all the info I needed and taking note of the clients and customers we would be targeting with the new product.

Working close to Amanda I could sense there was an attraction there from her side, we did the flirty banter and occasionally brushed each other’s hands, very touchy feely.
I was quite smitten, her down to earth yet in control attitude was very much my cup of tea and of course the fact that she was beautiful helped somewhat!

Shortly before 4pm Abby called us into her office to confirm that she had managed to set up a focus group for a meeting that evening.

It would be held in a private conference room in a local hotel and start at 6pm

Abby dispatched myself and Amanda to go set the room up for 12 people. We were tasked with ordering the alcohol and nibbles to make sure the focus group were well looked after.

We got there and sorted the venue no problems, Amanda declined the offer of bar staff from the hotel as it was Abby’s wish that the three LBU team served the guests to put them at ease.
That done Amanda and I visited the hotel bar to wait the 45 minutes until the meeting started.

I sunk a couple of pints, Amanda chose vodka and lemonade and we flirted for a while. In that time Amanda explained that she’d been single for quite a while, I also told her about my personal life.

It felt very cosy getting to know her over a drink and I felt myself loosen up as the beer flowed.
At 5.50pm, with just 10 minutes to go, Abby joined us in the hotel and we made our way to the meeting room.

Over the next hour, one by one we welcomed the all female focus group.

Abby had asked me to take charge of making sure that the guests glasses were always full, I took the opportunity to flirt a little with the females, reveling in the fact that I was the only male in the room.

The ladies in turn, for the most part, flirted back, I even got my bum pinched at one point by an older guest. As the wine flowed further some of the inhibitions in the room were if not lost, certainly missing in action.

At around 8pm Abby tapped her glass for silence and asked the invitees to grab a chair and sit so we could introduce the disposable nappy and gauge their thoughts.

After a brief presentation Abby handed the product around the semi circle of guests.

The nappy was passed on from chair to chair with Amanda then speaking to the guest to record their thoughts on the product.

I stood at the back of the room watching. It seemed during the conversations Amanda was having with the attendees a number were turning towards me and talking and smiling with Amanda.

Once the last lady had given her thoughts on the nappy Amanda joined Abby at the front of the room discussing the findings with her.

Abby then announced to the group that they should go to the table and refill their glasses and she would arrange the next part of the presentation.

Abby beckoned me to the front and I distinctly heard giggling as I passed the ladies.
As the three of us stood together Abby said in a commanding voice.

“The feedback has been good for the most part. The one area the focus group are asking about is how it actually looks on, with someone wearing it”

Amanda and Abby both turned to me
“Dan, we need you to go and change into the LBU nappy to show how it actually fits a human”

I was shocked and said
“Can’t someone else wear it? We can ask for a volunteer”

Amanda replied to me
“Some of the ladies have said during my chats that they would like to see it on you”

I shook my head
“You want me to wear a disposable nappy in front of all these tipsy women? I’ll be laughed out the room”

“Dan, do I need to remind you how important the findings here are to the launch of the new product?”
Abby stated and continued
“The new line could be cancelled off the back of this feedback.

And think on, no new nappy, no LBU team, no job for you”

Whether it was the alcohol I’d drunk earlier giving me Dutch courage I was nt sure but I nodded and agreed to what Abby was asking

“Good boy” Abby smiled at me
“Now, due to your previous problems applying the tapes Amanda is going with you to help dress you”

Amanda winked at me.
“Let’s go in that small room over there Dan, there’s a table you can lay on and I’ll have you padded and ready to model in no time”


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Good story and so far no sex which I'm pleased about. 1 little niggle and that is you need to proof read and correct grammar and the odd spelling mistake, things like "had nt" instead of hadn't whilst it doesn't detract from the story it just looks a little odd.


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Amanda picked up an LBU nappy in one hand and held out her other for me to grab. She led the way to the corner room and I followed. A few of the ladies who weren’t totally engrossed in their wine realised what was happening and started to make comments as we passed.

Amongst the voices I clearly heard one guest which made me drop my head in embarrassment.

“Ah, there’s a good boy, go let Mummy get your nappy on”

Amanda opened the door to the room and gently led me in. I was glad that she shut it after we entered, I didn’t need any further taunting.

Amanda turned on the small lamp on the side and beckoned me to get on the table in the middle of the room.

“Up you get Dan, I’ll have to expertly dressed in no time”

It was at this point that I realised I had an urgent need to urinate, the earlier beers had now worked their way through my system.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to use the bathroom for a while I asked Amanda if I could quickly answer my call of nature before getting ‘dressed’

Amanda replied.

“I don’t think you need the toilet that bad Dan, it’s just nerves. You’ll be fine once I get you ready.

Besides which, the nearest bathroom is in the hotel reception area, do you really want to walk past that crowd out there twice?”

The thought of having to hear all the comments sent a shiver through me and I decided that Amanda was right. Hopefully when the nerves were gone so would the need to pee.

I started to take my shoes off and as the second one hit the floor Amanda patted the table.

“Don’t worry about undressing, I’ll take care of that. Just come get comfortable up here”

I tried to protest that I could take my own clothes off but Amanda was having none of it.

“Abby told me what happened during your test at home earlier in the week and now is certainly not the time to have a mistake like that happen again”

I stammered that my mistake had only been fitting the nappy but Amanda ssshhud me

“That’s enough, Abby has sent me in here to make sure that it’s done correctly this time so I’ll hear no more” “Get your backside up on this table and let me do my job”

My old feelings for a strong woman came riding to the surface and I did as I was told and climbed into the table.
“Good lad” Amanda exclaimed “Now let’s get these silly big boy clothes off and get you ready for your first modeling job”

Amanda reached over me and proceeded to unbutton my white long sleeved shirt, she then reached for my belt buckle. If I hadn’t have been so nervous she may well have got a bigger reaction than she expected but she easily undid the belt and after asking me to lift up my bum she pulled my trousers off.

As she reached for my underpants I automatically lifted my hands to cover myself.

Amanda quickly and softly slapped them away

“Don’t be shy with me, please keep your hands by your sides”
Up until this point I hadn’t considered that I would nt have my underwear on beneath the nappy like I had previously.

I tried to protest by telling Amanda that I would prefer to retain some adult appearance but Amanda countered.

“Dan, this is very important to our launch. We need to show the focus group how it looks being worn correctly”

And with that she grabbed the waistband of my boxer shorts and slowly worked them down.

Seemingly paying no attention to my maleness now on show other than a smile, Ananda continued.

“Right please raise your bum again so I can slip the nappy underneath”

I did as I was told and the white disposable was put in place.

“Now normally I’d be using some baby powder at this point to make sure my baby doesn’t become sore but as I haven’t got any to hand I can’t.........this time”

Staring at the ceiling I was trying my best to remain calm downstairs, the last thing I wanted to do is show excitement in this situation.

I lowered my bottom on to the padded underwear and widened my thighs so Amanda could pull up the front.
“There’s my good boy”
I felt Amanda place the sides of the nappy across and heard the tapes being applied.

“There, all finished, that was nt too bad now, was it?”

Amanda ruffled my hair and asked me to stand up so she could see if any adjustment was needed before I made my way into the female filled meeting room.

“Perfect, I do believe that you’re the cutest big baby I’ve ever put in a nappy”

I smiled nervously and looked towards the room door.

Amanda saw my worried look and tried to put my mind at ease.
“Don’t worry baby, all the Mummies out there are going to love you”

“Wait here and I’ll go let Abby know that you’re ready”
Amanda left the room and I got the opportunity to look at myself, a grown man wearing just a shirt, socks and a disposable nappy.
I heard Abby announce to the crowd.
“Ladies, I hope you’re ready, we are about to have our new LBU nappy modeled by our cute little Dan”
I heard cheers and comments as the door opened and Ananda gave me her hand to lead me out.

“Come on baby boy, your public awaits”
Nerves now taking over I was visibly shaking or was it because my bladder was now getting uncomfortably full.


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The LBU nappy between my legs felt thicker than it had previously during my home test and I had trouble walking normally towards the door.
I tried to force my thighs together to avoid moving like a 2 year old toddler.

Taking pigeon steps forward I reached for Amanda’s hand, head bowed down I waddled out of the ‘changing’ room and into the lions den.
The hoots and screams of delight from the intoxicated focus group ladies could probably have been heard in the hotel lobby.

I caught various comments as I was led into the crowd.

“What a cute little baby”

“Take your shirt off so we can see the nappy better”

“What a big nappy boy”

Abby spoke above the noisy crowd
“Ladies, if you get back into your seats Amanda will bring baby Dan around to you one by one so you can see how good the nappy fits and how the padding hugs the body”
The invitees returned to their chairs and Amanda gently pulled me to the beginning of the line.

The First Lady, a plump but pretty red head of around 40 years old was eager to touch the nappy.

“Come here baby boy and let me see your nappy”

I got within her range and she reached out and ran her hands across my crouch.

“Wow, that’s really padded”
She then slipped a finger under my waistband and then around the leg openings

“Very nice fit, I love the crinkly plastic.”

Reaching a finger into the leg cuff she exclaimed
“Baby is still dry”

She asked me to turn around and she then felt the nappy padding on my bum

“Just too cute”
And she gave my nappied backside a playful slap.

Amanda was taking notes, once she had finished writing she held her hand out and we moved to the next chair in which a younger blonde was sitting.
The blonde introduced herself

“Hi, I’m Tina, and I’ve got a nappy boy just like you at home......although he is only two years old”
I she too felt around the nappy, both back and front passing on her comments to Amanda as she went.

I still had my head bowed, not wanting to show anyone in the room my embarrassment.

Tina stood up and put her hand under my chin to lift it.
“Don’t be shy baby, you’re so cute in your big nappy”

She reached down into her bag to pull something out.
“I know what my baby needs to cheer him up, open up”
I did as I was told, I opened my mouth and Tina put an object into my mouth.

“I have a new dummy for my baby but I think you need it more”

“Ah, that’s so cute” Amanda said

I was too busy at this time dealing with my aching bladder to care what was going on around me.

Before I was moved on to the next lady I whispered through the pacifier to Amanda that what she had suggested could be nerves to me earlier on was in actual reality me needing the toilet.
I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom.

“Wait here a second, let me check with Abby” “Tina, can you hold baby’s hand for a minute” Ananda replied and headed off in Abby’s direction.

I watched Amanda talk to Abby and a smile appear on Abby’s face.
Abby addressed the room

“Ladies, it seems that we have another aspect of the nappy that we can show you. Our baby needs to answer a call of nature so if you all come in closer you’ll be able to see how good the nappy can absorb liquid”

I couldn’t believe Abby and Amanda would put me on the spot like that and embarrass me in front of the invited ladies. Not only was Abby suggesting I use the nappy for its intended purpose but that I actually wet it in front of the assembled crowd.

The group started to come in close, I automatically clasped my hands to my groin and turned my back to them to avoid their eyes staring at the crutch of the nappy. But as they came in behind me a felt hands over my body spinning me and grabbing at my arms.

“Don’t be shy baby boy, let your Mummies see you wet your nappy”

“Be a good little boy and go wee wees”

My shirt was taken of me and I was forced down to the floor.
Laying on my back, my hands and feet were being held, there was a lot of laughter and cheering as I was encouraged to use the nappy.

I didn’t think that I would be able to wet myself easily but I’d got to the point where the pain was just too much for me to take.

My descent to the floor had jogged my bladder and once two more sets of hands started to tickle me around my waist all of my restraint was lost and I let go, filling the disposable nappy with a steady stream of urine.

I let out a low moan which only encouraged the ladies to tickle faster. There was an excitement in the voices of the mummies as they commented on their big baby boy was wetting himself and using his nappy.
I felt my pee run down my ballsack to the bottom of the nappy, pooling as warmth spread to the padding.

I closed my eyes and sucked on the pacifier I had been given by Tina.
Screeches of encouragement echoed around the room as I continued to empty my full bladder.
Abby addressed the room as I lay there wetting.

“Once baby has finished wetting you will be able to feel how dry the nappy is and how there are no leaks despite taking a big boy wee”

As the flow of pee started to slow down I was amazed to feel just how swollen the disposable had become. Taking all the liquid I threw at it and absorbing it with no trouble.
I wasn’t sure whether it was the relief of emptying my full bladder or the words that Abby uttered next , but as I lay there wet and sucking on my dummy a cold chill went through my entire body.

“And of course as we all know, once baby has a full nappy he needs to be put in a fresh and dry new one so I suggest we pull the changing table out of the small room so you can all see how easy it is to change a LBU nappy”


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I think the worried look on my face registered with Amanda.

“Ladies, we’ll change him shortly, if you all return to your chairs I will continue to bring baby Dan round so you can look at his nappy”

Abby nodded to Amanda in agreement.
“One of the best features of the LBU is its capacity to absorb large amounts of liquid without leaking.
If baby Dan needs another wee wee I’m sure the nappy will be able to take it”

Once the crowd around me had returned to their chairs Ananda offered me a hand up from my prone position.

She patted me on my padded rear as I got to my feet.
“Keep this up Dan and there will be an extra treat for you once this is all over”

Hand in hand we returned to our task and I had a number of ladies waiting to feel my used disposable.
As I trudged to the next chair and its occupant I realised just how thick the nappy had become after I had wet it. The padding was forcing my legs further apart than they had been originally, my genitals felt like they were being cushioned and the noisy crinkle the LBU made was very audible.

It wasn’t an unpleasant experience but I was extremely aware that I must have looked and sounded so babyish, waddling around the room, of course the pacifier still in my mouth did nt help matters.

The next three members of the focus group were fairly straight forward. There were plenty of comments on how cute I was and each of them, one by one, took it in turns to put their hands around my wet disposable.
Rubbing both my nappy clad backside and taking an age to feel around my crutch.
The fourth lady was a large red head, I’d noticed her earlier in the crowd as she was around six foot tall and had a cuddly frame.
“Hey gorgeous baby, I’m Mummy Mabel”

I smelt the alcohol on her breath, it was clear that she’d had her fair share of the free booze.
“Come sit on my lap and give me a big cuddle”
Amanda gave my hand over and Mabel pulled me in close.
With a certain amount of ease Mabel positioned me on her lap and laid my head back in her arms almost like she was cradling me.
“Baby does nt need his dummy, Mummy needs to give her nappy boy something else to suck on”

With those words barely leaving her lips Amanda reached in and removed the pacifier in my mouth. swiftly, and before I could react, Mabel had adjusted her blouse and lifted my head so I was presented with a bare breast.

“Would Baby Dan like to nurse on Mummy’s titty?”
Not given the opportunity to give an answer my mouth was pushed towards the exposed nipple and I opened my lips to accept the teat.

“Good baby boy”

The sight of me, wearing just a disposable nappy suckling on a bare breast sent the watching ladies into a frenzy.
The cheers and encouragement cane from every chair.

“What a cute baby boy sucking on Mummies tit”


“Is baby filling up to wet his nappy again?”

With my face buried in Mabel’s ample bossum I couldn’t quite see what else was going on in the meeting room but my right eye caught a couple of flashes.
It seemed that a number of the other guests were using their phones to take images of me, a grown man on his 50s wearing a wet disposable nappy breast feeding on a strangers tit.

Taking the nipple in my mouth, I used my tongue to circle the areole
Whilst there was no liquid to be had the feeling was so comforting, subconsciously taking me back to a time half a decade a go.

As every drinker knows, once you’ve had that first wee, the metaphorical seal is broken, you then know that you’ll be spending the rest of the night regularly visiting the toilet. Like buses, all the bathroom breaks seem to follow in quick succession.

Laying there sucking on Mabel’s breast my body was completely relaxed and before I realised it I was beginning to wet my LBU nappy for the second time.

Worry registered with me for a millisecond before I gave in to the urge and filled the plastic disposable.

Whether Mabel had watched my face react, had felt the growing heat from the nappy or just heard my contented sigh she reached in and held my nappy whilst I continued to wet it.

She lent in close and whispered in my ear
“Such a good baby, wetting his nappy for Mummy”

Waves of pleasure came through my body as I came to the end of my wee and Mabel continued to rub my disposable nappy.

I lay there almost oblivious to everything else around me including the noise of a table being moved from the little side room into the space in front of the focus group ladies.


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Coming down from my relaxed high I was made aware that a few of the ladies had moved closer to Mabel and myself.

A number of hands reached in, most pawing the wet disposable and as a consequence my genitals through the soft crinkly plastic. In fact if I hadn’t been encased in a thickly padded nappy the focus group may have seen the growing evidence that I was nt the ‘baby boy’ they had been labeling me.

I was tickled under the chin as I carried sucking on the bloated boob that had been thrust in my mouth.
The groping went on for a while before it abruptly stopped and Mabel lifting my head off her breast.
“Good baby, now all your Mummies are gathering around the changing table. Let’s go get you out of this wet nappy and into a fresh clean one”

A hand reached out, I took it and I dismounted Mabel’s lap.

The hand belonged to Abby.
“Well done Dan, keep this going and the focus group will be giving us great feedback which in turn will get you a nice bonus of sorts”
I frowned, so far the evening had resulted in me wearing a nappy for the first time in decades, and if you didn’t count the accident I’d had after getting roaring drunk on my birthday a few years ago, wetting myself.
I’d been fondled by numerous females, sucked on a strangers tit and had all the antics caught on phone cameras which were probably already getting likes on social media accounts of those present.

I followed Abby to the table, the wet nappy round my waist had expanded even further from my second wetting, it felt so thick between my legs, forcing them apart and making me waddle like a small toddler taking their first steps.

Abby gestured for me to get on the table

It was at this point I came to my senses, and stopped short of where the crowd had gathered.
Whilst I was happy to go along with a few things earlier in the hope that it would lead to success in my new job I really wasn’t prepared to go through the humiliation of having my wet nappy changed in front of the baying crowd of women.

“Abby, if you don’t mind I’d quite like to change out of the LBU myself.
I’d rather not expose myself to all these ladies”

Abby looked a little annoyed but rather than get angry with me she just made an announcement to the focus group.
“Ladies, baby Dan is feeling a little bashful. He may need a little encouragement”

With that I felt a number of the women move in and start grabbing me.

“No, no, I don’t want to have a change”
But even with all my ‘manly’ might I couldn’t fight off the sheer size of the group forcing me towards the table.

I was easily picked up and lifted on to the table. A pair of hands held an arm each and it was the same with my legs.

“Please.......please, I whimpered”

But Abby and the ladies were having none of it.
I heard Amanda by my right ear and turned to plead with her.
“Amanda please.........”

But my appeal was met with a soft reply.
“Just settle down Baby, don’t struggle and we’ll do a really good job.
You’re in the hands of a lot of experienced Mummies here, let us change you out of your wet nappy”

With those words she also presented me with the pacifier I had been given earlier.
Sucking away I let my body go limp and I heard the tapes being ripped the nappy

My waist was lifted up from the table and I felt the cool air on my genitals as the thick wet nappy was pulled away.
There was a lot of excited screams and noises around the room and my penis was touched very softly.
Fortunately the table felt cold on my now exposed backside keeping my possible arousal at bay but it still wasn’t as shocking as the almost freezing cloth that began its work on my nether regions.

“Ah, what a cute little pee pee”

“Baby Dan must be a grower not a shower”

I felt tears of embarrassment welling up and I closed my eyes not knowing what to expect next.

The person using the cloth gently lifted my penis giving it a good wipe and then continued on to my pubic area and then all around and under my balls.
I continued to suck away on the dummy in my mouth.
The hands holding my legs took a firmer grip again and my ankles were lifted towards my head exposing my rear.

The cold wipe continued to do its work on my bum, I could hear Abby talking to the ladies.
“As you can see, the LBU nappy has held two big settings and our baby here has not experienced any leaks.”
“Now, please watch and see how easy it is to fit the LBU on baby”

Whilst my body was folded back even further I felt another nappy being slipped under me.
I clearly heard the crinkle of the plastic of the disposable despite the excited ladies in the room.
My legs were lowered and I ‘landed’ on the padded disposable.

“As you can see, the LBU operates the two tape system, surveys have told us that customers prefer this and in our experience with our children’s products it helps keep the nappy secure even when it’s at full capacity”
I felt the thick nappy being pulled up over my genitals, it was nice to have the soft warmth after being naked for so long

Abby continued addressing the crowd
“Now normally I’d suggest using some powder at this point but as we don’t have any......”

“I’ve got some!”

Abby was interrupted by a voice I recognised as Tina’s
“Here, use the Johnsons baby powder I have in my bag.

Our Dan must smell like the little baby he is”
Instantly the nappy was taken away from my groin and my legs were lifted back again.
I felt a dust being sprinkled on my backside and smelt the sweet baby powder.

The powder was rubbed in softly over my bum and between my crack and my legs were lowered back down.
The sprinkling continued on my front and was then tenderly rubbed in around my genitals.

I sucked hard on my pacifier trying hard to contain my excitement.
Fortunately before I became erect the nappy was again pulled up between my legs.
This time it was pulled up tighter and the sides were tugged in to meet the front.

Abby continued to address the room.
“As you can see the tabs of the nappy are very strong, holding the LBU in place even for the most active ‘baby’ in your life”

The nappy was pulled tighter and I heard a sound like an adhesive strip being pulled.
The nappy was secured with four tapes and then Abby encouraged the ladies to come forward and see how good the nappy fitted again.

I lay back as numerous hands ran their fingers inside the leg cuff of the nappy and inside the waist to test the tightness of the fit.

Abby spoke again.
“So ladies, I’ve ordered more wine so whilst we’re waiting who would like a photo with our cute little nappy boy baby Dan?”


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Even laying on the table I could feel the excitement of the ladies in the room.

“If you form an orderly queue I’m sure you’ll all get the chance for a photo”

I began to rise from my prone position. I knew that I’d had my photo taken earlier but this was more like a photo call. Nearly a dozen ladies all wanting a photo of me wearing just a nappy.

“Tina, I don’t s’pose you have a babies bottle in your bag do you?” Abby enquired

“I do” Tina replied with a laugh “I’m a regular Motherscarer aren’t I?”

“Excellent, I’ll quickly get it filled with beer and you can all have a picture with Dan drinking from the bottle”

Abby turned to Amanda
“Amanda, can you look after things for a minute as I’ve just got to go to hotel reception and then to the bar”

Amanda confirmed she was happy to take charge whilst Abby was out of the room.

From my position on the table I didn’t see Abby leave with a bundle under her arms as I was surrounded by the group of women.

“Right ladies, who would like a photo with our little baby?” Amanda asked.

I tried to protest, but again like earlier in the evening my pleading was all in vain.

I was helped up from the table and railroaded towards a small settee in the far corner of the room.
As I was walked through the crowd I could feel and hear my padded backside being swatted by the ladies I passed, the plastic disposable rustling loudly.

In a hurry to get through the hustle and bustle and not being used to my pronounced waddle, due to the thick LBU, I caught a trailing leg of someone. With nothing solid to grab on to and keep me steady I tumbled to the floor landing on my thick plastic nappy with a big thump.

The focus group roared with laughter and there was no shortage of cat calls.

“Ah, Baby Dan too tired to walk?”

“Has baby had an accident?”

“It might be safer if baby crawls to the sofa”

With that I was asked to crawl to the sofa where one of the focus group was waiting for me to have a photo done.

“Crawl to Mummy, baby. Good baby boy”

Encouraged by other ladies moving in close I set off on my hands and knees towards the seat.
I must have looked so foolish, a grown man wearing just a white plastic disposable nappy crawling on all fours.

I eventually got to my destination and was meet by a big cheer from the crowd.
The delay had given Abby the chance to return and as I was sat on the waiting lap Abby presented me with a bottle, a babies bottle full of beer.
As Abby handed it to me she explained that she had made the hole in the teat a little bigger to help me drink.

Over the next 30 minutes I was posed up for numerous photos with the ladies present.
Most were encouraged by the others in the room to tickle me, kiss me on the forehead and they all had their hands all over my nappy.
I was requested to smile from behind the bottle I was drinking from and by the time the third lady had moved in for a photo I was past caring.

I’d relaxed so much that around the half dozen ‘Mummy’ mark I’d got the urge to urinate again.

This time round I did nt protest, instead I looked into the eyes of the lady who had her hands all over my nappy, sighed, and just let go.
The lady felt the heat enter the disposable and loudly cried to the crowd that baby Dan was wetting again.
Again I was met with cheers and jeers.

“Good baby boy wetting his nappy”

“Ah, so cute, such a big baby”

After each lady had had their photo taken with me Abby and Amanda were taking down all their final thoughts on the LBU nappy.

Once everyone was happy they had been photographed with me Abby asked them to return to their seats.
I was asked to stand in front of them as Abby addressed the room.

“Thank you for coming ladies, for your time and your thoughts on our new LBU nappy.
Myself, Amanda and baby Dan appreciate everything you have done tonight.
Good night, please have a safe journey home”

The ladies got up and gathered up their personal belongings.
As they left they came over to say goodbye to us.
I got butt squeezes, crutch gropes and kisses from them all

“Bye bye baby”

“Night night cutie”

Mabel even slipped me her number
“Call me Dan if you ever fancy doing it again” she said with a smile.

Once all the ladies had left I got a big hug from Abby and Amanda thanking me for making the night such a success.

“So, it’s now quite late” Abby told us both.
“So instead of battling home I’ve booked a room in this hotel for us all”

I hadn’t realised how late it had got but knew that I’d never manage get a train home.
Amanda looked at her watch and suggested we finish the evening with a quick night cap upstairs in the room.
Both Abby and I agreed.
With that I waddled to the little room to change back into my work clothing.

“Dan, if you’re looking for your clothes, earlier on I took them to reception to be laundered”

I stammered
“But, all I have is this nappy to wear, how do I get to the room without anyone seeing me?”

Abby just smiled.
“It’s late, there’s hardly anyone about. We only have to walk through reception to the lift.”

Amanda joined in
“You’ve already had over a dozen people see you in a nappy already a few more won’t matter”

With that Amanda grabbed my hand and led me to reception.
Abby picked up the baby bottle and pacifier and followed on.


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I waddled slowly towards the door, my thick wet nappy was not the only reason I was dawdling, my heart was beating so fast.

Whilst I had been seen wearing just a nappy by the focus group women, that was within the almost safe confines of a closed off room.
Now I was going to be parading in a hotel lobby, where every person there would see me in my baby apparel.
Amanda could sense my worry and feel my reluctance as I dragged my feet.
“Don’t worry cutie, no one is going to be paying too much attention to you”

I gave Amanda a half smile.

“Come on, the sooner we get out of here the sooner we get to our room”

It suddenly registered that I would be spending the night in the same room with these two beautiful ladies. My mood improved with the thought.
As Amanda exited the room I followed on gripping her hand tightly.
The hotel reception was brightly lit, I looked around to see how busy it was.
There was a large group of women, all talking loudly to each other. But other than that the place was quite empty.

We walked to the reception desk and I stood behind Amanda as she asked for our room key.
I saw the man behind the counter look me up and down trying to suppress a giggle, my blush must have covered my entire body.
I heard their conversation between them start but it was suddenly drowned out by shrieks of laughter from the clearly drunk group of women.

“OH MY GOD......That man is wearing a nappy!”

“It looks wet too!”

“Helen, let’s go over and grab a photo for your hen night memories”

I closed my eyes and hoped that a hole in the floor would appear and swallow me up.
The group rushed towards me to get a closer look.

“He is wet, look how bulky the nappy is!”

“He’s the biggest baby I’ve ever seen!”

Amanda, turned away from her discussion with the hotel receptionist and addressed the group.
“Dan here has been helping us show off the new LBU nappy. He’s our model for the night”

The laughter continued.

“Do all your grown up models wet their selves?”

“Can we have a photo with the bride to be?”

Abby arrived mid conversation
“Of course you can ladies, please make sure you #LBU on any social media post”

Before I could protest about more photos of me in a nappy being posted on social media I was quickly surrounded by the hen party.

“Let’s go over there around the seats” Abby suggested.

With that I was dragged towards the soft furnishings whilst trying to fend off the numerous hands grabbing at my plastic disposable.
Helen, the bride to be plonked herself down on the chair and I was encouraged to sit on her lap.
The rest of the group huddled around us after handing their phones to Amanda who was quite happy to be the designated photographer.

I felt again as if I was blushing all over and as the phone cameras flash went off I let a stream of wee into my already wet nappy through the sheer embarrassment.

“Urggghhhh, he’s only wetting his nappy again!” Helen screamed to her friends

Even when the hen party all started mocking me I couldn’t stop the emptying of my bladder.

“So gross”

“He’s just a big nappy wearing baby!”

I could feel tears of shame welling up.

Amanda reached in and grabbed me from the crowd.
She whispered quietly in my ear
“Don’t worry sweet baby, I’ll keep you safe”

I was led towards the lifts with the cat calls ringing in my ears.


“Baby has wet his nappy”

The lift dinged much to my relief and Amanda pulled me into the safe place. We were swiftly joined by Abby.
“You did well not to react there, Dan” Abby complimented me.

“You were a good boy” Amanda agreed.

When the lift doors opened on the 4th floor we all exited and holding on tight to Amanda’s hand we followed Abby up the short corridor.
Amanda holding me close as I waddled due to the almost full nappy.
Abby stopped and opened up the room door with a key card and one by one we entered to hotel room.
A quick scan of the room I saw that there was just the one sleeping area which contained a double and a single bed.
There was a seating area which was a basic couch and a door which I assumed led to the bathroom.

Amanda closed the door behind me and I listened as Abby spoke to us.
“Great work you two. We’ve had some fantastic feedback tonight so it’s a job well done”

I smiled a ‘fuzzy’ smile, the earlier baby bottles of beer filtering into my system.

“Dan, you’re still wearing a wet nappy. I’m going to run you a bath so we can clean you up”

“Why don’t you sit with Amanda and finish the new bottle I just got you whilst I am in the bathroom?”

Amanda ushered me to the couch, it was just long enough for Amanda to sit at one end and me lay flat on my back, resting my head on her lap
“Be a good baby and finish your bottle for me”

Whether it was the stressful evening or more likely the three beer filled baby bottles I’d already finished I felt exhausted and very tired.
Amanda stoked my head with one hand and fed me the bottle with the other.
Amanda’s slow methodical strokes and soft whispered relaxed me further and I was struggling to keep my eyes open

“You’ve been such a good baby for all your Mummies tonight”
“Such a cute little nappy boy”
“Are you going to use your nappy for me again?”

I felt myself drifting off, relaxing my body and just letting my bladder empty.

“Good boy, wet for me cutie. Let me feel you fill your nappy”

With my eyes closed I heard Abby return from the bathroom and come into the room.
“What a lovely sight, has baby Dan been good for you Amanda?”

Amanda replied
“Baby Dan has been very good for me, he’s just wet his nappy again as I requested”

I heard the laugh in Abby’s voice
“Well don’t let the baby doze off now otherwise we’ll never get a good nights sleep”

“Come on Dan, let’s get you bathed and ready for beddie byes”


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I just read all the installments. I want to be Dan. :ROFLMAO: I'll look forward to more of this delightful story. (y)


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I was slightly woozy, the alcohol and the stress of the evening was taking its toll.

Abby held her hand out to me as Amanda eased my head off her lap.
“Come on baby let’s get you all washed and ready for beddie byes”

I got to my feet and the swollen nappy felt thicker than I thought was possible. The last pee I had must have filled the disposable to its maximum liquid capacity. There were no leaks and it felt like I was wearing cotton wool, my genitals were being caressed with each movement I made.
I held Abby’s hand and as I waddled across the room, my every step making the nappy crinkle loudly, Amanda followed on.

The nappy was now sagging, even to an untrained eye it was clear that it had been used well but the fixings held tight and the waist band remained in place despite the weight.
As we entered the bathroom I noticed the bath was full to the top with soapy water, Abby must have added bubble bath whilst running it.

Abby announced to me
“Right baby, stop still whilst I get this wet nappy of you”

Amanda came in close behind me and put her arms around my shoulders softly kissing my neck and whispering.
“Such a good baby boy, just let Mummy Abby get you out of your dirty diaper”

I stood there as Abby reached for the tabs on the nappy and then one by one, starting at the top first, she ripped each of the sticky tapes.
Once the last tab had been removed the heavy nappy hit the floor with a loud thump

The noise made Abby and Amanda laugh loudly.
“I’d say baby has used that one” Amanda chuckled

Abby joined in as she led me to the bath
“Come on Dan Dan, let’s get you baby fresh” hi

I stepped into the bath, the water was a perfect temperature and as I lay there the bubbles almost overflowed.
Abby grabbed the sponge from the side and after submerging it in the water started to wash me all over.
Amanda sat down on the toilet and watched on as Abby sponged me down. I was asked to lift my arms and at one pint stand up so Abby could get into every nook and cranny to make sure I was clean.

If I hadn’t been so tired and emotional, the tender way Abby washed my penis and balls may have caused some excitement, but as it was I was in my own relaxed world.

“Right baby that’s you done, Amanda can you pass me the big towel”

Amanda handed Abby the white fluffy towel and Abby held it open and asked me step out of the bath and into her arms.
As Abby dried me both ladies gave me compliments about how well I’d done during the focus group meeting and what a good boy I’d been wetting my LBU nappy for all the Mummies.

Once Abby had thoroughly dried me she asked Amanda to take me into the bedroom and get me ready for bed whilst she dealt with the mess on the bathroom.
Holding Amanda’s hand and still with the towel around me I was led to the single bed

I stood next to the bed and Amanda handed me a large glass of water.
“This’ll prevent a hangover, drink it all up and you’ll avoid dehydration”

After I had drained the glass Amanda lay me down on the bed.
“We’ve still got a few samples of LBU left, I think it might be best if I put you in one for the night. You’ve had a lot to drink this evening and I wouldn’t want you to have an accident in the hotel bed”

I didn’t argue that I wouldn’t need night time protection, after all that had gone on that evening wearing another disposable nappy wasn’t going to phase me.
Soon I was laying back on the single bed completely naked waiting for a beautiful woman to put me in another thick diaper.

“Good baby, let me get you nice and snug in your nappy so you can get a good nights sleep”
Amanda proceeded to cover my lower regions in a sweet powder, making sure that the white dust was rubbed into every crease.
I was asked to lift my bum up from the bed and the thick LBU was slipped underneath me.
Once the tapes were fastened tight Amanda pulled the bed covers over me and tucked me in.

With a kiss on my forehead Amanda whispered.
“Sleep well baby, me and Mummy Abby will just be in the bathroom for a while. See you in the morning”

As I drifted off I could hear the sounds of laughter and what I thought was moans of pleasure coming from the hotel bathroom.

The next thing I remember is feeling movement around my groin area and I struggled to work out what was happening in the dark hotel room.
As my eyes focused I could make out that it was Amanda and I realised that she had pulled down the sheets and had a finger inside the leg cuff of my disposable.

In the dim light Amanda must have seen me stir and half open my eyes
“Hey baby, just checking your nappy to see if you have wet and need a change”

I mumbled back that should I need the toilet then I would discard the disposable and use the bathroom.

Amanda sounded slightly annoyed.
“Well I won’t be letting that happen. Once my babies are put in a nappy it stays on until it’s used.”

Before adding

“Let’s not forget the troubles you had initially with trying to tape your nappy on”
“I think it’s best that you come and share the bed with Abby and I until morning, just so I can keep an eye on you”

Amanda pulled back my covers and I was encouraged to leave the single bunk and join Abby and Amanda in the large double bed.

Abby lay on the right side so I was prompted to lay in the middle with Amanda to my other side.
“Let’s get back to sleep”

Amanda reached over and placed her hand on the top of my nappy. The plastic cover crinkled as she settled off to sleep.
It must have only been an hour later when I woke with the urgent need to urinate. The large glass of water must have joined the rest of the evenings liquid in filling my bladder to almost breaking point.
Amanda’s hand still remained on the disposable I was wearing and I knew that I would never be able to exit the bed without waking either her or Abby.
I wiggled a bit, determined to wait until morning to pee and use the grown toilet.

This action caused Abby to stir and she too reached over to hold me steady.
“If you need a wee Dan just use the nappy like a good boy”

Abby’s voice woke Amanda and using the hand she already had on my groin area she started to rub above my bladder, exerting tiny pressure making the effort I was making to hold my urine very painful.
“Just let go Baby, be a good boy and wet your nappy for us”

I couldn’t hold back any longer, I tilted my head sidewards and nestled into Amanda welcome bossom.
I let go and started to fill yet another nappy.
Abby joined in stroking the back of my head as I wet the disposable.
This wee seemed to take forever, I felt the liquid running down my ball sack and settling in the soft padding below them.
Eventually the torrent came to a halt, I felt the nappy swell as it absorbed every drop of my urine.

I sighed as I settled back, Amanda and Abby both told me I was such a good baby wetting my LBU for them again.
I drifted off to sleep with an empty bladder and two beautiful woman stroking my head and my plastic padding.

As light came I woke in the same position I had fallen asleep.
The shame of what I had down the previous evening hit me before my aching head.
I had behaved like a little baby on command and wet myself, and in front of so many people.
I could feel the thick nappy still around my waist but it still didn’t stop me lifting the covers to check the padding was still in place.

Amanda stirred as soon as I moved and opened her eyes to look at me.
She smiled a beautiful smile as she whispered to me.
“Morning baby, did you have a good sleep?”

I nodded, still embarrassed about what had gone on previously.

“Ah, is our little nappy boy a bit shy this morning?”

Amanda’s voice woke up Abby and she reached over and grabbed the front of my thick diaper.
“Good to see the LBU still in place even after a night in bed”
“You did well yesterday, Dan. Some of the feedback will be vital to our product launch”

I answered thank you.

Amanda pulled my head towards her breasts.
“Does baby need to have a morning wee wee and wet his nappy again?”

Buried in her chest I shook my head.
Even if I had have been bursting to pee I still would have tried to avoid filling the nappy again.

“Okay, let’s get you washed and dressed”

Pulling my head up I explained to both ladies that I could wash and dress myself.
In a hurry I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom wearing just my used disposable.

Abby and Amanda laughed.
“Grown man? Grown men don’t wear and wet nappies” Amanda shouted as I crossed the room.

Once in the bathroom I ripped off the nappy I’d been wearing all night and threw it in the rubbish bin (It did not occur to me that some unsuspecting house maid would eventually discover the used product and wonder how big the baby was that had been wearing it)
After I showered I exited the bathroom to find that the hotel had delivered my freshly laundered clothes to the door.

Abby and Amanda where both sitting up in bed watching my every move.

I dried myself and turned my back to the ladies to put my underpants on.

“You have nt got anything we haven’t seen before” Abby chuckled.

I continued to dress quickly.

Once fully dressed I turned to speak to Abby and Amanda.
“Sorry, I forgot I need to be somewhere urgently this morning. I’ve got an appointment in Kent in a couple of hours and it’s a long journey”

Amanda smiled realizing I was just making an excuse to leave as soon as possible.
“Does baby Dan need a nappy for the long train journey?” She laughed

I felt myself go red
“Sorry I have to go”

As I shut the hotel room behind me I heard Amanda and Abby burst into laughter.

I worried all the way home and was relieved to reach my flat and close the door behind me.
As I settled in my chair I checked my mobile phone.
There was a new picture message sent whilst I had been in the process of getting home.
I opened the message and was met by a full length image of me taken last night wearing just the LBU nappy.

The text with the photo read
‘Well done yesterday Dan, you were the perfect baby model. We look forward to you joining us on more work adventures in the very near future’

It was ‘signed’ Mummys Abby & Amanda xxxxx


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That first adventure was 6 months ago, half a year later I’m now living with Amanda and Abby.

I am made to play baby on a regular basis, but our relationship is much more than just that.

The numerous work ‘trips’ developed into something much more.

The LBU products have expanded too, the range now includes pink nappies and frilly plastic pants......that was a modeling job I won’t forget in a hurry.

Perhaps I’ll tell you all about it sometime.....if you want to listen?