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I think it's finally time I "come out" as an ABDL. I've spent enough of my life living in the closet. I've been dealing with a lot of pressure to just "let the cat out of the bag" but I'm terrified. Recently I've been going through a roller coaster of emotions with my parents. I've been doing some soul searching and looking back on my life growing up as it also relates to ABDL and realize I'd be a much happier person if I accepted who I was and started living a happier life.

I think I"VE FINALLY REALIZED SOMETHING HUGE guys. The anxiety I've been dealing with for so much of my life stems from not wanting to be outted for my secret. My depression comes from living a life in fear because I have no one that truly accepts me for who I am.

That's part why I want to come out. I want to start living my life in a much happier state. I don't want to live in fear anymore. I want to regress when I want without worrying or letting my self critic run wild.

My parents have never accepted this side of me so I don't really know why I'd bother telling them. I highly doubt its a good idea to tell anyone at work.\
My parents have finally accepted that this is who I am but it took a really long painful road where they had to realize the hard way that they can't force their ideals on their children now that we are all grown up. It is actually pretty nice now, and all of my close friends and family know now, and it is really nice not to be afraid. I know that was a huge source of stress early in my life.

The thing you will have to be careful of, is that if you out yourself, you don't tell it to anybody that could have a drastic impact on your life unless you know really well that you can trust them, and are almost certain they would accept it.
I think you have to weigh what's gained and what's lost. I'm not sure that most people in your life would want to know what you do behind closed doors. It's just something that most people don't discuss with one another. Parents are a different relationship. If you're still living at home and don't want to deal with the fear of being caught, perhaps coming out would solve that. My mom discovered my stash and sent me to a psychiatrist. She was never accepting so there was no resolution for me there.

I would never tell anyone at work because the workplace is for work, not pleasure or psychological support. It's a job where one should do their best and then go home with their pay check. As for a small circle of friends, that is probably unique to each person here on this site. Only one person knows about my being AB/DL besides my wife, and that person was my best friend and SO from college.
I think that kind of pressure is a good reason to come out and be open about being ABDL. Telling a single close friend kept my sanity for quite a long time when I first began to indulge myself. However, I think you also need to be careful about who you tell and how you tell them.

I think, given your description of a "roller coaster" of emotions with your parents, they're actually not the best place to start. The best place, I think, would be a good friend, one you've known a long time and who you're pretty sure would be okay with it. Tell that person first. And talk to them about it. About why it's important to you, all this pressure you're feeling, the emotions you have towards your parents. We can be pretty supportive here on ADISC, but there's no substitute for a friend in the real world sometimes, especially when it comes to something like opening up about being ABDL in your real life.

Once you've done that, you can look at who else might be good to tell, whether that's a few other close friends, a significant other, or your parents at that point. Make sure to keep a couple things in mind when you do tell people though
1. Don't expect miracles. Even people that are accepting might take a while, like Tyger said. Be ready for people to be upset and don't let it throw you.
2. Don't ever expect anyone to indulge you outside of a significant other, and perhaps not even then. You may wind up with friends that are okay with you wearing diapers around them or have different levels of comfort treating you younger than your age. But don't expect it, don't depend on it, and certainly don't push it. People are a lot more accepting if you show them (ironically) that you can be a responsible adult and then enjoy yourself on your own time.
Come out in public ? - Social suicide...
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