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Anyone else have a collection of diapers? I have 20 different kinds that I have saved and wont wear. Just curious if the only one.
Sadly, no :( I would love to, but living situations (roommate) mean not for now!
Yeah I have an OCD with collecting things and nappies are on my list.

I have 6 boxes with packets and a set of draws with half packets in my roof of nappies I love, want to wear but don't want to never be able to get again.

Since I wore Tena Slip Maxi for 15+ years I did used to keep one or two from the last packet just before they would change their look and/or quality but since I was done with those went through them and sold the remainder of the very best ones on eBay...

Hard for me to let go and I did see I somehow even have a part pack left over European made Tena Slip Maxi stashed.
Yes, I have a very large collection. All plastic backed brands from vintage baby diapers to adult diapers.
I would love that. I guess my circumtances make a diaper unique and like a bit of waste if I throw it.

But yeah I have habit of keeping 1 sample each. And whenever I went abroad I buy diaper that is available there just for fun.

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Yeah. I collect vintage diapers and pull ups from when I was a baby onwards.
does this count?
Yea I have a last one of collection of adult and baby diapers spanning 20 plus years of great uncounted quantity. I recently often think of selling them or using them up to free up the space.

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I did have Underjams and Diego Easy Ups in that collection but I used when I moved 2 years ago because I didn't know how to hide them during the transition moving
I keep one of every kind of diaper I've tried, just so I have something to compare to if the brand ever changes. Unfortunately now that collection is taking up the entirety of my hiding spot, so I may have to start using it to make space.
I had a collection of around 36 brands, one of each sealed in magazine collecting cellophane sleeves. They were locked away in a trunk in my closet until I had to move out. Sadly I had to go through a whirlwind of wearing and using all of them up, but at least I wasn't forced to throw them out. Some of the diapers are now discontinued and selling on ebay. Great Memories though.
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