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Warm and snugly and the ears flopping when I walk makes me want to giggle.
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Aww those are super cute!!
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Where did you get these? I feel like I have to know.
LucasFromTazmily said:
Where did you get these? I feel like I have to know.
Vendor named Happyfeet Slippers.

They have all kinds of Disney characters. Pooh, Mickey, Goofy, Stitch, Lion King, Dumbo, etc. Appear to be official with Disney tags too. Many of them are sooo cute it was hard to not get multiple. Needed to make sure they fit first.

I'd been on the hunt for large (US M12-13) adult size Pikachu full ankle rise plush slippers when I found these. Stitch is awesome too. The hunt for Pikachu continues.

Seems all the cute stuff always only comes in children's sizes or stops at like Women's 11-12. 😡 No I don't want camouflage or NFL I want Pikachu and Stitch damn it! 😤
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