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Anyone do coffee enemas?

From last night:
I am laying on my bed after doing a coffee enema. I have not done one at night before, but I have been stuffed for the last few days. I think it's from the stress. I will go over my procedure. For educational purposes only. Don't attempt without consulting doctor for your needs.

Drip coffee maker
Enema coffee
Stainless steel enema bucket
Diaper - Betterdry or equivalent
Barrier cream - Desitin
Diaper cover
Underwear somewhat loose fitting
Diaper wipes
Rice or banana - easy digestible food

Fill up drip coffee maker with 5 cups of water
3 tablespoons of coffee and 1tsp salt
When coffee is done, pour into enema bucket
Put thermometer in bucket
Wait until temperature is 38c or 100f
Put vasoline on nossle
Remove air from line by opening the valve keeping hose above the bucket. Bucket should be elevated by around 2 feet.
Close valve and slowly insert tube into anus.
Open valve slowly and regulate flow making sure not to go too fast.
When air starts to enter line close valve and tip bucket to fill the line again
Open valve until most of the fluid is drained
Close valve and remove nossle from anus
Apply barrier cream
Clean hands with diaper wipe
Put on diaper
Put on cover and underwear
Lay in bed relaxing
Some leakage might occur, it is ok
Release enema when wanted usually 20-45min for me
Change diaper when wanted about 1-3 hours for me
Put on new diaper as more leakage might occur
Eat rice or bannana easily digestible food
Complete! Enjoy feeling lighter and less bogged down for the day.
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It sounds very interesting, I used to do the large water bag enemas with the hose and attachment. That would produce incredible results.