Coffee Drinkers?

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How many of you littles/ab/dl/tbs are coffee drinkers or energy drink drinkers? I tend to drink a lot of coffee and sometimes a few energy drinks, wondering if other people love there coffees.
mmm Coffee ! Do not think about touching my Dunkin Donuts pot of coffee in the Morning ! I run on Dunkin like its jet fuel .
Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!!! My body has figured out how to actually convert coffee to glucose I drink so much of the stuff. xpluswearer, please excuse me, but I'm stealing your jet fuel comment.
I consider myself a coffee snob - has to be fresh roasted beans, freshly ground, french press to be any good whatsoever.
Note said:
Coffee is the elixir of life for me, has to be the good stuff, have to actually taste it. However, I do only drink 1-2 bottles a day (yes I drink it out of my bottle >u<) and somehow I have a tolerance too it. Caffeine doesn't really seem to do anything to me.

Too much coffee makes me pee all the time, hence why i prefer to wear diapers if i drink lots of coffee :D
First thing in the morning! Maybe 1/2 cup later in the day to keep me going.

I'm of the opinion energy drinks are not as good for you and don't partake.
I'm not a little, and neither is my girl, but we both drink coffee.
Coffee ticks a bunch of boxes for me, so I consider myself chemically addicted to caffeine :-O

My girl drinks some coffee, but not even half of what I do. She takes it with milk, too. Poor murdered coffee has to be drunk in a ruined state :-O
She used to only drink half the mug, and then complain about it getting cold, so I got her powdered milk in stead of letting her use the milk in the fridge. That helped.
I absolutely love coffee but it makes my overactive bladder much worse.
You bet your sweet bippy I like coffee. It's my mother's fault; I'm pretty sure she could single-handedly keep Folgers in business. At one point in my life, I had over $45 in Starbucks credit because family members heard of my love for coffee and gave me gift cards for holidays.
Used to do a pot in the mornings when I was working. Now adays I limit myself to two cups. First thing in the morning
one cup with morning meds and after shower a second cup and cookies.
I don't drink coffee, have a hard time standing the flavor.. the rare times I do drink it, like my grandpa used to tell my mom "do you want more coffee with your sugar".
I waited 65 years to start drinking coffee. Now I'm hooked.
Just a cup a day, nothin' crazy :p
I have between three and four cups of coffee a day. I have a Kureg and I brew cups of 8 o'clock Columbian. Like Maxx, I love to start the day with a cup of coffee and the morning news paper. Being able to do that is one reason why I was happy to retire from my day job.
Mmm, coffee. I drink quite a lot of it, usually the better part of a pot a day. I grab a large brew from the local coffee shop by my office to start, and once I figured out that the Keurig we have at work can fill traveler mugs (mine at home can only do 6 and 10 ounce cups), things got interesting to say the least.

Also, I do enjoy the occasional Tim Hortons XL! I don't know why, but they have brilliant coffee.
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