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Has anyone tried training pants like these? I'm usually a disposable tape diaper lover, but I always have been curious about cloth diapers/training pants. Anyone got any info for me about how good or bad these work or how easy they are to wash? Do you recommend lining them with anything? I'm new to the cloth side of things. Very new. I would also guess that plastic pants/rhumba pants would be best for something like these?
baby-pants is pretty popular and gets good reviews. I've ordered med and lg thick ("my first training pants") and they're pretty nice. (I got the all white) If you're going to go for training pants or want to move from briefs to cloth, they're a good way to go.

remember to get a plastic cover if you intend to wet, the shell is NOT waterproof.

sizing-wise, I'd say they size about like a bambino diaper for medium and large
I bought a pair of the baby-pants training pants a few months ago and was OK with them
They wore out quite quickly. Thread was coming out on one side and in the end I decided to ditch them.
They also took quite a bit of time to dry in the tumble-dryer, which ended up being a bit of an issue for me.

If you're looking for something a bit more diaper-ish, have a look at these:
They're a bit bigger than the baby-pants ones, but I like them much more.
They have an insert in them which comes out of the waterproof shell, which makes it easier to wash and dry:

I love the Baby Pants training pants, but I'd like to try the Super Undies version. Are they waterproof? The description doesn't say.

I've been using Snap-EZ pocket diapers, so the idea of training pants with an insert makes a lot of sense. If I have to wear plastic pants to avoid leaving wet spots, though, they probably aren't worth the trouble.

Thanks in advance.
I recently got a pair and loved them. My only complaint is that the tag is on the outside of the training pants for some reason.
"Training" pants are usually are fairly light absorbancy 1 Piece diaper that are not really a "bridge" to cloth.if you want to try cloth get a legitimate correctly sized diaper from a reputable manufacturer to try.anything less is awaste of your money and time because the performance of the diaper is vompletly different.
I'll put in another good word for the Baby Pants training pants. I haven't had any trouble with mine. The sizing is finicky, though. As for absorbency and thickness, I can only speak for the "My First" (the thicker) training pants, but they function quite nicely as diapers. You do need a separate waterproof cover, though, if you intend to cut loose in them. Like most cloth trainers for babies, they are basically just very thick cloth panties.

I haven't tried the Super Undies. Aesthetically, they're nothing to the Baby Pants trainers, but they are waterproof, which is certainly appealing for those who mainly want a pull-on cloth diaper.
I'm another Baby Pants training pants wearer. I don't usually wet them. They function as my every day underwear, and like everyone has said, if you want to wet them and not wet your pants, you'll need plastic pants to wear over them.
Another baby pants fan here :)
Like others have said you will need a plastic cover if you intend wetting them but they are really cute looking and comfortable.
Thank you all for the answers! I would really like to try them, even if they're only for vanity purposes. Do they sell plastic covers with button snaps, by any chance? I've always liked the look of those more than simple pull-up plastic diaper covers. If not, then I can deal. I definitely want to try the My First Training Pants over the Almost Potty Trained kind.
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