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I came across an old pre-folded baby diaper that the wife apparently was still using as some sort of rag or dust cloth. It's about 18" square and the center section is nice and thick. I have never used a cloth stuffer in a disposable before. So I folded it in thirds an placed it down the center of my Abena Abriflex Premium M3. I have exposed it to three pretty good wettings now.
What a glorious feeling! I love the wet cloth in my crotch! Now I see why some folks push for cloth diapers with plastic pants instead of disposable. Now I gotta figure out how to get some of these. Maybe even look into adult cloth diapers. That's a whole new world for me. Does anyone make adult cloth pull ups? Or do they all require some sort of fastener at the waist?
Any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
Jenny at Babykins makes a one piece diaper.they are very decent products!
I like the cloth inside. I bought infant prefolds from Wal-Mart and Rearz.
Best cloth diapers available are from they offer both styles you're looking for and a very good price and their products are top quality.
I've honestly never tried a cloth diaper inside a disposable, but I don't wear disposables that often.

The problem with "stuffing" an all-in-one diaper with a prefold diaper, however, is that there's no distinct sensation from the wet prefold ... it's all wet cloth around you.

I do layer a baby diaper inside an adult prefold quite often, and there's a unique feeling when the baby diaper is wet but the adult cloth diaper and plastic pants are still dry.

I know Dependeco and Babykins make fine products. You might also try an adult prefold and plastic pants (with or without a stuffer) just to see if you enjoy the feeling. For me, having worn Curity cloth diapers and plastic pants as a 'real' baby, adult prefolds are as close as I can get to recreating what I felt as a toddler.

Several manufacturers make adult cloth pull-ups, but most are like training pants, which means you'd need to wear plastic pants with them to keep everything around you dry. I think Dependeco makes a pull-on AIO, which would eliminate the need for plastic pants.
Cloth stuffers are great in a disposable, one of the best perks is that it helps with wicking.
MeTaLMaNN1983 said:
Cloth stuffers are great in a disposable, one of the best perks is that it helps with wicking.

Strangely, I've never ever tough about using a cloth stuffer in a disposable, I will try this soon, my potty training attempts when I was younger, my mom would put my big boy undies on and put a diaper on top, so I knew when I was wet, that is what I've done a few times already, put a pair of regular undies, then put the diaper on top of it, but now, I'll have to try with a cloth booster pad.
I'm a cloth diaper fan. My favorite is the Changing Times Diaper Company prefold. Make sure to get nice and roomy plastic pants with a wide crotch. Gary pants, sold under various names by several retailers are great. I also like baby-Pants plastic pants.
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