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Which do you prefer. Cloth or disposable diapers? What brands do you wear?
I wear cloth, babykins and baby pants brand.

I searched and couldn't find one. Sorry in advance if this has come up before

I like disposable diapers better. My favorite brand is Bambino, and I am still trying out other brands.

Though, with that said, I have not worn cloth diapers enough to really make any decent comparison.
I prefer cloth and plastic pants at night; Tena pull-ups during the day.
I wear cloth and PUL pants in the evening and overnight. A+ for daytime use.
I always prefer disposables and I like M4 Abenas and if I don't have those I'll put on Bambinos. I have worn cloth before but I really don't like to wear them.
Disposable for me, I love the feeling and the sound. I'm wearing a cuddlz at the mo
I wear cloth and plastic pants, but also Goodnites.
Both cloth and disposables.

In cloth, I'm decidedly "retro." I especially like prefolds (what I wore as a baby and had access to throughout my childhood), and my favorite adult prefolds come from Changing Times. I consider the Baby Pants prefolds (in twill) a close runner-up, and the Adult Cloth Diaper gauze prefolds are good stuff too. Other prefolds that I own but don't care for as much include the Baby Pants birdseye, the Angel Fluff gauze, and the KINS (Babykins) flannel.

I also have (and like) a couple of the Super Snap diapers from Rearz, which are basically twill contours with elastics and snaps -- very comfy.

And the Baby Pants training pants are very diapery and pleasing.

And I have an enormous collection of baby prefolds for boosters. Many of these are vintage Curity, which are wonderfully soft, and still obtainable brand new on eBay of you're diligent about watching.

Am I leaving anything out? Probably.

In disposables, my preferences are a little difficult. I've never really managed to love an adult disposable. Instead, I usually keep a variety of Pampers and Luvs baby diapers in my stash, and will variously modify or stretch into these when I feel like a quick, no-laundry diaper fix. Having used Pampers since I was a teen, and having allowed my preferences to evolve along with them in the intervening decades, it's difficult for me to look at a multi-tape, plastic-backed adult diaper and feel anything.

I'll reluctantly admit to liking Cushies -- the kind with the cloth-like backing. The single-tape design is a big deal to me, for no particularly rational reason. It's just part of my definition of "babyish."
Disposable during the day and when out and about. Cloth when home and especially as a night diaper due to me being a sidesleeper.
Nothing beats clothdiapers in terms of wicking capabilities and keeping the bed dry.
I prefer disposable diapers
Disposables. I don't like washing things.
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