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I am thinking about going cloth long term. Any suggestions?
I prefer twill prefolds from Changing Times Diaper Co and a booster for overnight wear. You will also need plastic or PUL pants.
I use PUL pants as there breathable and cooler to sleep in. Plus they will last longer than plastic. The ones I have now are over
a year and a half old and don't need replacing.
There are so many different sites out there that sell cloth I would research them well and only get 1 or 2 at a time. You can then
try them and find what you like.
I have been using prefolds cloth diapers from babkins ( that in Canada ) and I use vinyl pull on, high backed for the day, and at night I use vainly incased elastic pull ones they seal around my lags that way and I find I get less leaks when I sleep. I have a pare of PUL but I find there ride low on my diapers and I don't care for the feel of them.

so if I were you I would buy a pair of each and see what type works best for you.
Just like with disposables, what one person likes, another may not. As suggested above, get only 1 or 2 cloth diapers and 1 or 2 plastic pants and see how you like them. Once you fine a cloth diaper and plastic pant that you like, then you can buy enough for your usage.
I don't wear 24/7 or anything like that but I have a couple that I like. The first I got was the "Teen/Adult Cloth Diaper" from eBay. They're cheap (about 20 bucks for diaper and one insert). I like it, but prefer velcro over snaps. They have a night time stuffer they sell too that I'd recommend you get one or two of if you were to get them. I find these tend to sag a bit after wearing, but that may be normal for a pocket diaper. The other diaper I have is an all in one sold by AngelsBest223 on eBay. The quality seems far superior and the fit is much better, especially with velcro tabs. I do find that these wick moisture to the outside really badly so not really a great option if you plan to sit in a really wet diaper for a while. But as far as just fit, quality and cuteness goes, I think they are far better.

I'm not sure if these links will work but there are the ones I have:

Teen/Adult Cloth Diaper (I have the little monsters print that is out of stock, however they do restock new prints every few months):

Angels Best AIO (I have this pooh print, if you click on the link to the seller you can see all the ones she has, some of which have extra padding):
Sometimes you will find a complete set on e bay...pins...pants and diaper for a great deal to try out
It all depends on what you prefer. Each type of cloth diaper has their pros and cons.

The classic prefold with plastic pants is my preferred choice. No, its not something I grew up with, and doesn't have a biased reason, but I've actually tried AIOs, AI2s, and so on. The reason I prefer prefolds is because they are the easiest to clean and sanitize for the prevention of lingering odors. The waterproof lining (plastic pants) are cheaper than replacing an entire AIO diaper. Prefolds also have some protection on the wings and sides unlike the others that generally have the padding in the center. You can also customize the diaper to fit you the best, customize the thickness, and customize which plastic pant you want to wear over it. Pins aren't necessary for prefolds anymore, and eases one of the cons of prefolds, which would be the ease of application.
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