Cloth diapers with disposable topliner.


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I've been thinking of using a cloth diaper for sleeping. I thought it might help by lowering the costs. My first concern was having messy accidents on a cloth diaper.
Then I see that there are a few pads that have flow-through pads and have a wider and longer sizes. I could use a pocket diaper (like a snap-EZ). Just use as many cloth pads as needed. Then use this topliner to keep the diaper cleaner from messy accidents. I see that Tranquility TopLiner booster suoer-plus (xl w/14" X 32") would work perfectly. Poop stays in the topliner and the diaper just get's to be washed. Has anyone tried these? I'm thinking about it.
Doesn't work that well. Bunches up, doe not fully contain.
Poopy accidents in cloth are a pain to cleanup.
Stick with disposable for #2.
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I would like to find an adult sized disposable liner for my cloth prefolds, but have ended up using baby liners for a long time. They are smaller and don’t entirely contain the poop, but they are better than nothing.

The other trick is to use a baby sized flat gauze diaper to line your prefold. It’s easier to clean and wash the poop off that than a prefold.

The best thing I have found to clean up messy cloth diapers is a sprayer you can hook up to your toilet water line. Instead of shaking the diaper in toilet water, you spray the poop off the diaper.

Decades of experience getting poop off cloth diapers.
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The idea sounds good. The problem for me is that I would still have to wash the cloth diapers. I'm still happy with my disposables. It's hard enough just cleaning the mess that could spread on a cloth diaper. I'll wait to here how it works for you.
I’m using a folded terry hand towel as a liner in my cloth prefolds or contours. It makes cleanup from my dual ic much easier than it would be without them and I don’t have to worry about flushing those supposedly flushable liners. There are many city sewer departments that are urging their customers not to flush diaper liners as they’re not dissolving sufficiently to transit their systems without causing problems. Mine get rinsed out when I’m in the shower and the solids get flushed in the toilet eliminating the risk of my sewer line getting plugged by liners and my having to pay for digging it up the pipe.