Cloth Diaper Suggestions?

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Hi all,

I'm thinking about trying cloth diapers,, simply for wearing, not use. Any good suggestions on brands ect?

Do you want all in ones or ones that require plastic pants?
Canadian Rearz has some great snap E Z ones. I think there is a US source too but I got mine from Rearz because it was on sale even though I did have to pay shipping. They are very adjustable and have no plastic so you could wear like that if you aren't using.
My current favorite source is Great quality, fair prices.

They have many types, including pull-up, velcro, pre-fold and fitted (in different materials and thicknesses), plus stuffers and AIO (all-in-one) styles. Since you are new to cloth, I'll translate ;)

*pull-up: like a big baggy pair of tightey-whiteys, only thicker. Not a very precise fit, but easy to put on- somewhat unnatural shape and potentially obvious.

*velcro: hourglass shaped, like a disposable baby diaper, held in place with velcro strips. Better fit than pull-ups, still easy to put on. Pretty form-fitting, not particularly obvious.

*prefold: the common rectangular standard, as used by cloth baby diaper services. These are rectangular (longer than wide, and typically much thicker in the center third (lengthwise, front to back). They are called "pre-fold" because before this type existed, you would fold a single sheet of fabric into a diaper, layering it thickest in the middle. By sewing the layers in place, the "pre-fold diaper" took a lot of work out of putting a diaper on. Ironically (especially since the "prefold" comes sewn together, not than folded), you need to fold a prefold to make it fit really well (how best to do this is an entirely different discussion). Best overall fit (if folded and pinned expertly), best leakage protection, arguably most "baby-ish". Very unnatural shape, potentially very obvious. Requires use of diaper pins.

*fitted: diaper cut in an hourglass shape. Velcro diapers are typically fitted, and you can also get them without velcro, designed for use with diaper pins.

*stuffers: extra layers, basically the center part of the diaper, without the wings. You place one/some inside/in-between regular diapers to increase bulk of your diaper- for increased absorption capacity, or just because you like thick diapers!

*AIO: "all-in-one" diapers. Basically a pull-up or fitted diaper with a waterproof outer layer- absorbent diaper and plastic pants all in one . . .

Speaking of which, don't forget the plastic pants!

Another great source is

I've read good things about & as well.

Cheers, enjoy your new cloth diapers!
Here's one of the best sites in my op. Last time I was on the site
Monika had around 70 AIO prints in cotton and flannel prints. These are made all the same on the inner
layers and PUL liner. The outer cover is in the cotton or flannel printed cover you choose. They are fastened
with Velcro that stays put. If you don't use them no plastic pants is required. If you use them I do recommend
wearing plastic or PUL pants as the outer cover does get damp. I've been wearing and using these diapers for
over two years now and there still performing well.
I've used AdultClothDiaperCo. and have had good results. I've also used AllTogetherDiaper Co. and they are very good too. I suspect they are the same company. You can get their products on I get the gauze, night weight, pre-folds. You have to have plastic pants, and I get the Leakmaster high backs because the diaper better. This is important if you're planning on wearing them and using then at night while asleep. You will also need diaper pins and something like Snapeeze to keep the diaper together.
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