cloth diaper review for CTDC diapers

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So last night I got changed into one of my CTDC (changing Times Diaper Company) cloth pre-folds and pul pants. I managed to drink a lot of tea that night so I ended up doing three full wettings in it and I'm a heavy wetter. I found that these diapers were the best thing ever for heavy wetters like me! The diaper swelled to a nice and comfortable size and still kept me warm. The pul pants, which I also purchased from CTDC held all the moisture in well untill after my third wetting where there was moisture on the bottom of the crotch on the outside! Yikes! I think I over did it a bit maybe. If there is more moisture build up then I might see about getting a new one, but again I think I just pushed the pul pants to their limit.
Over all I would highly recommend CTDC pre-folds and pul pants to anyone who likes a warm, cozy, and comfortable diaper experience. I'll put a link at the bottom of this review for all of you to go check out this great company. Robert and Gayle are the owners, and Robert is always good at fast email responses. Again I highly recommend these diapers to anyone who is a cloth diaper user or maybe someone who is just curious about cloth diapering.

Link to CTDC:


Prices looked in line. I may be putting together an order before too long.
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