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So, I finally did what I've been wanting to for a long time. I ordered a cloth pre-fold diaper from Rearz. I haven't worn a cloth diaper since I was an ACTUAL BABY, so, does anyone have any hints, tips, tricks, etc...? I already have a pair of plastic pants to go with it, and just went to WalMart and bought some diaper pins, I just don't know the best way to fold it or anything. TIA!
Wash it 5 or 6 times before you use it.
After using it, rinse it as soon as possible, even if you are going to store it before washing. I rinse mine while I am in the shower, usually works well.
Fold-wise, I'd suggest Googling "angel wing fold". It's probably the most commonly-used fold for prefolds, and is my personal favorite. If the diaper is too long as-is, just fold the back in a few inches, then proceed with the angel wing or your fold of choice. Some will tell you to fold the front in rather than the back, and that certainly works too, though it can complicate pinning and leave you with an uncomfortable bulge in front.

When pinning, strive to keep the entry and exit holes on the outside of the diaper as close together as possible. You should be able to slide the pin back and forth once it's fastened. If you can't, then the holes are too far apart, and the pin might pop open under strain. Particularly if you intend to be active while wearing diapers, a good pinning job is important. I find that baby-sized diaper pins work just fine, but some have an easier time with the larger pins. The only trouble with the larger pins is that they tend to be on the dull side.
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I buy my pre-fold on the smaller side so I pin them corner to corner. I do have some medium size and I do the angel fold with those. Tucking in the front or back and pinning through all the cloth takes some patience.

When you wash them, never use fabric softener or bleach. The softener will fill up the pores, and bleach will deteriorate the fabric. They'll probably take at least an hour to dry in the dryer. I wash my plastic pants in the shower after I've worn them, usually during the night. I use dish washing detergent and I rinse them thoroughly.
You want to use mild soap on plastic pants I find baby shampoos are great for this.
I love the 6 mil plastic pants from baby kins.
Just be careful using baby lotion or oil it tends brake down the plastic making it bittle and split.
In time the oil from your skin can do this also.
My pants are 3 years old need to buy more like to rotate 3 pair of them
I get blanket safety pins for my cloth diaper's you just need to make shure you get a sharp set of them. You can find at fabrics store's
Stick in bar of soap helps them slid in cloth
Now if your diapers start to stink a little vinger in was helps lots.
Now sun light helps with stains the suns rays brake down organics stains.
Along with vinegar don't forget to add baking soda to the rinse to adjust the Ph.
Along with vinegar don't forget to add baking soda to the rinse to adjust the Ph.

From the "volcano" science project, I thought that just combined immediately with the vinegar to deactivate it and form a nasty ludge?
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