Cloth backed ABDL diapers

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So, I've been able to try decent diapers recently, and I had ordered one style that was cloth-backed and one that was plastic backed. I've found that the cloth-like diapers are preferable to me. While I've seen that the newly returned ABU has their Cushies in a cloth-backed style, I was wondering if there were any other AB style diapers out there that have a similar backing, and if any other companies had produced one at any point.
While I'll probably get some of the cloth-backed cushies when they become available, I'd like other options for more littleish diapers that are also cloth backed. Is my only option getting my own printed tapes to put on plain diapers, or are there others out there that I don't know about yet?
Amcon said:
Is my only option getting my own printed tapes to put on plain diapers..?
Pretty much. The ABDL community in general LOVES plastic-backing, and right now a lot of medical diapers are going to cloth-backing... So the companies that do make AB diapers are filling this need by making thick, crinkly plastic backed diapers.

I'd suggest you try snuggies, too - they're not actually cloth-backed, but the texture of the plastic is somewhat 'clothlike' if that makes sense.
I'm not aware of any cloth-backed diapers besides the Cushies, which aren't in stock right now anyway. I will say, though, that I got some of the cloth-backed Cushies when they first came out, and I thought they were fabulous--comfy, babyish, and very easy to put on and adjust. They were instantly my favorite adult disposables, and I look forward to getting them again. My only gripe is the lack of elastic.

I do hope we see more cloth-backed options appear.
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