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Not sure what words I need to avoid so pardon the egg shells, but how often do you climax as a sissy? I've been working toward once a month. A combination of diapers, panties, and chastity help me with this. I stay aroused for very long periods of time. I believe it to be a form of tantric, discipline, and edging. I have more energy since I've been working toward this and try to hold off as long as possible. It also improves my overall mood and gives me more energy too. When I finally do climax, I'm in panties and use a clitoris stimulator. I love that thing!!
Whenever Mistress/Mummy thinks I am ready for a milking, which could be anything from 2 to 4 weeks.

During the day I am in chastity, and at night I am tightly nappied, so I don’t have the opportunity to fiddle with myself any longer. My life is much better for it, as before my journey started it was an obsession and not at all healthy for our relationship.
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