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I have just discovered that since last September ebay offers a click & collect service through Argos here in the UK. the idea being you buy an item on ebay and have it delivered to a local Argos store for pickup.

I love this as it would mean being able to buy diapers/ABDL stuff or even gifts and such without having to worry about time off work to be home for delivery. I tend to only order diapers in large amounts (like many months worth) when I know no one else will be home and book a day off work paying the extra for garanteed delivery.

Being able to order smaller amounts any time I need and collect from a local Argos would be much better alot cheaper I think and, possibly faster. My only concern is whether or not items collected this way would remain confidential (if posted that way) I imagine they would have to be but I don't want to walk in and find out an item has been opened or re-packaged through their system.

Have any of the UK members ever used this method of delivery with ebay? if so how fast was it and did items remain discrete?
i've used the Amazon-to-Asda 'click and collect' service a few times and found it to be as quick as, and sometimes quicker than [what you'd expect for] home delivery.
with Amazon-to-Asda, everything is wrapped in black clingfilm.
I've used the click and collect service before but not from ebay, i used it when ordering form cuddlz. I get it delivered to my local post office. When collecting your package you usually get asked to show them your ID.
I've used the Argos eBay collection for a couple of non-AB bits and bobs in the past. Apart from one thing going missing (which the seller sorted out), it seems a pretty decent service. The bits that I ordered arrived as if they had been posted to store and didn't appear to have been repackaged. Not too sure if that will always be the case of course. Maybe it's worth ordering a couple of non-AB bits and see how it goes?
thanks for the advice I shall give it a try maybe report back as it may be useful for uk members who cannot (dare not ) have them delivered to home address
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