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I tend to keep my diapers more loose during the summer months to help a little with the heat and sweating in there. Besides more frequent leaks I also tend to have my bowel accidents spread more throughout the diaper, sometimes if it’s a little softer and more in quantity all the way to the top of the diaper on the back.
That makes my changes laying down much more difficult since I can’t just wipe it all away while sitting in my used diaper full of poop everywhere, so I usually remove it and put the fresh one underneath my bum and then clean, but that leaves the new one dirty before even wearing it.
I was looking for tips on how to change laying down and properly clean all the mess, I can’t lie down anywhere with my dirty bum and the only option is the fresh diaper… help!
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Use bed pads as a changing mat, wipe and put it a side and then put on your diaper
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Good tip BabyBear2006, Bed pads would be a good, economical choice.
A reusable one would be even better.🙂
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I would advise a fairly large disposable pad like a "Chucks" (150 for ~ $40 - 23" x 36") There are other similar pads that might be cheaper. I have a big box of them but I only use them if I have a really messy diaper. Typically I stand up in my bathroom, take off a loaded diaper, a few wipes and then I sit over my bidet (perfect for cleaning my bottom after I have a dirty diaper [I almost always mess my diaper while sleeping]). Then it's into the shower. You said you need to lay down for cleaning. A disposable pad would be perfect. Cheaper than dirtying a new diaper.
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Hi Sophy! I too have to deal with fecal IC cleanup and can have similar issues often. What works best for me is to clean up in the bathroom, standing up. I remove the soiled diaper, roll it and put it in a plastic bag, then use wipes to clean. I also put them in the plastic bag. When done, I tie the bag tightly and it is ready to dispose of. Then I can go lay down in bed and put a fresh diaper on and get on with my day.

Hope this helps!
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Sophie, the type of change I do depends on the time of the day. If it is first change of the day and I am poopy, I usually run into my bathroom, turn on the shower, then untape and take off the soiled diaper carefully so as not to leak, jump into the shower and clean myself up, jump out and cleanup any mess that leaked out and then get ready for the day. If it is during the day,I tend to put a towel down that I plan on washing, grab all my supplies I need (fresh diaper, adult wipes, powder or oil) spread the towel out on my bathroom floor and lie down, untape the dirty diaper and fold it down, clean the diaper area, remove and roll up the dirty diaper with all the dirty wipes, wash and or wipe my hands, grab the fresh diaper and oil or powder and put the fresh diaper on me. Regardless, after I am changed, I toss the dirty diaper in a trash bag and put in my trash bin.
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When my bowels move my aide puts me in bed to strip and change me I have custom crib sheets and bed pad over that , bed pad can handle any fecal spills when being changed .
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I also clean up in the bathroom standing. I can see what I am doing in front of the mirror. I undo the the tapes and try to wipe as much poop as I can get with the diaper it self with one swipe down from the back part towards the front. Then I just lay it on the floor and clean up the rest with wet wipes and put them in the messy diaper. I can see where I need to clean in the mirror, so it's a pretty easy job but makes me feel bad, disappointed and sad sometimes. I also hate the smell. After cleaning up with the wipes sometimes I will also wash everything down there with a washcloth and soap or take shower. Then I just roll up the dirty diaper and close the tapes on it and put it in a small bag and put it in the diaper bin. If I have to change on the go, it's much more harder. First find a toilet but then do it the same way only with less space and no mirror and privacy issues. I just try to wipe as much as I can see and get and then put the new diaper on.
so I am blind, but I do have a little bit of vision left. So I’m coming at the situation from that perspective. I am in Diapers 24/7 and while I still have control with regards to this kind of incontinence, I do take meds that make me more prone to having these kind of accidents. I normally change like I would if I was using the toilet, pull down the diaper and clean up using the assurance XL incontinence wipes from Walmart. They’re fucking giant, so they work really good which means that I don’t necessarily need to take a shower to clean up afterwards if I don’t want to. I put the wipes into the dirty diaper, roll it up and put it into one of my BOS, disposal bags, twist it up and tie it off. If I’m really messy, then I will end up taking a shower. Today is one of those days where I’ve had a few accidents and I’m already going to have to change my diaper for a third time today .
Thank for the tips when I have a bm I change in 5ve bathroom and get most of it then I hop in the showr
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