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So I am finally getting a new bed and mattress after 15+ years and since I have urinary incontinence now I got a waterproof mattress protector with it. So my question is if/when my diaper leaks at night (if I am not wearing plastic pants that is) how should I clean the mattress protector? It says that it is:

"made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness won't soak through." and "Machine wash cold, tumble dry low."

So when I do have a leak should I just throw it in the laundry with the sheets or do you think I can just spray so Lysol (or some other cleaner) on it and not have to wash it?

Cold water wash gentle cycle
hang to dry / tumble air dry

don't clean with Lysol spray that won't clean it at all
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Well - I think with this version of the mattress protection you will not be happy in the long run.

I think it works best with a wipe disinfectable PUR encasing. I have the mattress in such an encasing (as it is also used in the hospital) and then a washable bed pad under the sheet. I don't have that many accidents - so this is the more practical option because it doesn't slip so quickly and it looks better. If you often have a wet bed, it makes more sense to put them on the sheet.

The bed pad is much easier to wash and dry than such an absorbent mattress protector. The PUR encasing I only wipe with disinfectant when it has gotten something or I change the bed linen. If you treat it that way it will last for years.
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I just chuck mine in the wash with the sheets
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I have a similar mattress protector. If I have a leak at night (which is very, very rarely) it's only a few drops until I remark the wetness and wake up. So, with one a few drops, it usually dries within an hour after getting up. If it would ever be some more I'd simply clean with a little soaped water/sponge. If it would ever be more that a few drops from time to time I'd rather increase my protection.
Otherwise, just wash regularly in the laundry together with the sheets!
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Simply follow the washing instructions of the manufacturer recommends!
Sheets are a different material and as a result has a different washing instructions!
Proper washing and drying provides for a longer, usable life of the product.
I'll share what my wife taught me.
First off hopefully you didn't tear off the washing instructions follow them.

Never use a washer that has a agitator that's the stem in the center.

Use a mild detergent and a fabric softener

Set as said gentle washing cycle

Drying on a very low heat or air dry fluff

I take mine to a laundromat most of these use a tumble wash beside no more than two togeather or by themselves

Never use harsh chemicals as a order control like lysol and stuff

To save on washing them get a bed pad

For the reason the ones you describe can not handle many washes as a bed pad that is made with pul fabric for waterproofing.

Wiping is the lazy person's method and does not get rid or wash our the oder that can accumulate

Though you mention the dribbling that's un controlled some times you .as flood depending on how deeply so you may want to consider a higher absorbency didee just for night.

Lack of sleep because of fear can affect your physical health
I hope that this helps you
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IncontinentArtist said:
"made with an absorbent outer layer to help dissipate liquid, while the inner layer is water resistant so wetness won't soak through." and "Machine wash cold, tumble dry low."
I agree with mickdl that you appear to have a hospital style bed protector. I dont use one of those at home. I use a cotton absorbing pad on top of a fitted vinyl mattress cover instead. The absorbing pad can be thrown into the washing machine and then dried along with the any other soiled bedding and the vinyl mattress cover can be easily cleaned with a cloth using water and a mild detergent.
Do what the instructions tell you. Do not douse with Lysol, Febreeze or anything similar. We have a new one on our bed as a result of bedbugs from a recent trip (0/10, do not recommend) that zips at the bottom and end of the mattress. It's a significant pain to put on. We got it mostly for me but it was my wife who christened it early this week when a perimenopausal period defied multiple layers of protection and left a significant stain. A good dose of OxyClean and a trip through the wash per instructions removed all traces of it.
Sounds like I can just through it in the washer then with the sheets if needed and it will be fine. Thanks.