Clash of Clans

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Who plays this game from time to time? I find the game addicting and I got this game last week, already at town hall 6.
I started playing this game and I had fun for a little while. I didnt want to start spending money on it so I deleted it.
I enjoyed for a while, but after awhile I lost since I can't seem to grow anymore.
DarkBabyMagicain said:
I enjoyed for a while, but after awhile I lost since I can't seem to grow anymore.

You will keep losing or winning from time to time. I Bought a google play card just to get a week shield and started working on my defenses. I'm at over 1100 Trophies and I lost quite a bit attacking.
Where do I start. I have two Accounts one on my Laptop and one on my Nvidia shield Tablet.

First Account I have TH 8. Working On all the upgrades. Right now mostly Weapons. I have 5 builders which I payed for. AVG Trophies 1600 Walls level 6 :(

Second Account I did not pay for anything. It TH 7 Working on collecting Gems. So I can get my Forth Builder for free. Right now have 307 Gems. Once I get 1250 trophies I have 757 total Gems. With cleaning and such. I have my Forth builder really easy. Highest Trophy count was 1200. Walls level 6

A lot of people forget their walls. But it best to work on everything. until you're close to max out then upgrade to the next TH
I'm currently town hall 9 almost maxed just need to do 3 air defenses 1 level and 6 archer towers 1 level. Half my walls are lvl 8 and the other have is lvl 7 and I have about 20 lvl 9 walls. I've been playing for a few years now and spent my fair share of money on gems. The best tips I can give are make sure to max everything out before upgrading your town hall because every th lvl you go up you lose out on loot from ths lower than you. If you want to see my base im in a clan called MassacreX and my name is dom im lvl 100. We have 15 people in our clan and we are looking for more th 9 and 10s to clan war with us.
im at level 10, working on my walls
What your AVG on trophies

One toon is 1300 the other is 1600 oh I have 916 Gems on one account I can buy my next Builder Soon. Happy diaper days are here again.
What do you all think of the Blower that don't cause damage but force air troops to be pushed back.
I play a game with a bunch of friends, and a few of them keep talking about this game and how I should give it a try, but IDK, I like where I am at.
And no its not WoW, lol (My apologizes to any WoW fans/players, but just so not my kind of MMORPG)
Its just because Girl + MMORPG and most people automatically think WoW.
JimmyK said:
First day it was out, I took one out in a base, using lvl2 minions and lvl1 dragon, from behind it! LOL
That's the issue with them, they don't really do much, and can be easy to take out, with what they are supposed to "push" away.

I run a th7 and another that's upgrading to th7.
The War we had. I had it setup in a prime spot. They could cause 90% to my Base because they ran out of time. So they only got 2 Stars.
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