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I want to like Chrome.

But I don't use it because of the bookmark situation.

Is there a simple bookmark icon I can install next to the Home icon so that I can get a simple drop-down menu like everyone else provides?

I do not like having my bookmarks (e.g. ADISC, ABY, DB--among others) constantly on view in the bookmark bar. I can hide it, but to get it back or to get bookmarks takes all sorts of clicking on tools. Really stupid. :wallbash:

So, I want to like Chrome, but without a better bookmarks thingy, I don't.

Is there an answer?

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There's the other bookmarks dropdown. You could drag them all to there. If you really wanted, ctrl shift B opens a thingy with all of them. And ctrl B hides the bookmarks bar.

I hear that the bookmark issue is going to be what they fix in the next big update, but I don't know when that is. You could just be one of the people still on Firefox. Firefox is still good too.

Oh, in chrome you can also have folders in the bookmark bar. That's kinda useful to me. Just go into the ctrl shift b to add folders and stuff.
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Thanks for the response.

It's just too much clicking around to get bookmarks down. I prefer the simple click-and-select bookmarks of every other browser.

Of all people, you'd think Google would know how people surf.

I'll look forward to their update.

Until then, I'm not using Chrome . . . .
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