Choosing a name on ADISC


About names
  • Your username on ADISC isn't just for logging in with. It is also how other ADISCers remember you.
  • So, taking a few moments to pick the best name you can will help you make friends here.

Avoiding bad names

  • Don't put AB/DL terms (like "diaper", "baby", etc) in your name. They're too common, and make your name hard to remember.
  • Don't pick anything crude or offensive (like "hornyaaron", "messydiapers", etc).
  • Don't pick anything that reads like a like a description (like "41floridaguy", "mommyfromthebeach", etc).
  • Don't use your real name.
  • Don't re-use an existing name you've already used elsewhere for non-AB/DL stuff (like videogaming).

Choosing a good name:
  • Pick something that highlights a non-ABDL hobby or interest of yours, such as a game, movie, sport, TV show, book, etc. Ideally with a unique twist.
  • For example, if you are a fan of the dangermouse cartoons, you could reference the show's title "dangermoose", a character from it, a memorable line, a place from the setting, or really anything else from it.
  • You can also take a generic fact about yourself and put a clever twist on it, such as the person who thought "Diaper Man" and inverted it to make "Nam Repaid".
  • Another alternative is just make something up.
  • If you are stuck for inspiration, try a random name generator, like the one here.