Children's books about how the body works


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Did anyone else find such books unduly fascinating? I remember loving such books when I was a child, I always liked science books written for children.

Of course, as they were written for children, they were quite sanitised, and while they might describe the process of birth, they would often gloss over how a baby got there in the first place. But one exception was called "The Body Book", which had various pictures which could never appear in books for children now, described the sexual act (without actually calling it "sex"). It was also very blatant in explaining the process of growing old and dying.

I also remember a book written for older children or young teenagers called "facts of life", which explained about adolescence and puberty, but also said a lot about babies, including all about nappies, giving baths, what the world is like for a baby, and the stages through which babies grow and develop. It hasn't made me want to become a parent, but I found it really fascinating, and it gave me insights into some of the "baby" things I like.
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I remember a set of about 50 books describing body things in a toony way.
Here are some links I found about them