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I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me find/make a list of places to get childish clothing for various sizes. For example i have a 27 inch waist and weigh 103-112 lbs and wear a boys 14 with a size 6 shoe US. Theres plenty for those bigger and plenty if you are smaller but it seems as if i am in the middle.
I would just try a local person who does alterations. Depending on our comfort outing yourself, there is nothing better than custom fitted clothing.

I would have no problem having a shirt or jacket made to fit so why not something made to fit my emotional needs?

There are so many different things on there for every taste
You might go to Ebay and type in adult baby clothes; the same on Etsy. Not only are there a lot of clothes but those sewing them usually advertise their website name and you could check those out as well. I've bought some very nice onsies from Ebay.
Yeah I can vouch for Ebay, too :) Just placed an order for a very cute Lilo&Stitch theme shirt! It was cheap, too! looks pretty good but is kinda expensive. Are there any websites that you can put custom print on clothes? I'd love a blues clues tshirt in my size that I could wear while wearing a dog collar ^_^
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