Childish Clothing

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I'm not talking babyish clothing but slightly older cartoon like styles of clothing seem to be available in fairly large sizes. At last something for those in the UK to get happy about too...

I have recently found out BHS do kids clothing up to 16 years (fairly accommodating in size). They seem to cover a spectrum in their older boys range that varies from fairly childish through to fairly adult like.

They have Phineas and Ferb and Angry Birds tees in childish and bright colours. I have also seen Spongebob on quite a few things in there too. I know some of these characters are available on adult tees but the kids ones are more childish by design. Shoes they sell up to adult size 8 (no flashing lights but some are Velcro).

Lastly, in case anyone was interested they have pants (aka briefs) in camo print and light blue and white stripes up to 32" waist as well.

Thought this might be of interest to at least some (esp. shortish people in the UK).
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