Childhood memories: permission to wet myself

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When I have my little playtime, one of the things I like to think about or re-create, are the handful of times my brother and I were allowed to pee in our pants, or in my case, my night nappy.

It certainly wasn't common, but there was a few times that permission was granted, or it was at least accepted.

The first time I think I've told before. My brother and I were playing outside in the yard, wearing our swimsuits. I was maybe 6, and him 4. We were going to play under the sprinkler, but were mucking around first, when he suddenly wet himself. He started to cry, and I asked mum if I should fetch him some dry speedos, but she was nonchalant about it and said it didn't matter as we would be getting wet anyway so not to worry about it or get upset over it.

We took that as permission to pee in our swimsuits, and continued doing so for years. I reckon every time we played outside in our underwear or speedos with the hose or with water, we would just wet ourselves as we played. Mum knew, but just accepted that we did it, and made sure we hosed off properly before coming inside. Great memories.

Permission wasn't often given to use our pants, but it did happen occasionally. Once my brother was around 8, and had gone on his bike to the shop when mum walked. I didn't go for some reason, but soon after he was pushing his bike up our driveway and his jeans were soaked. He also had a flat tyre. Apparently they had left the store, and he suddenly announced he had to pee. Mum told him to ride on ahead to home, but his front tyre went flat. He had to push his bike home, and was struggling to hold himself as well. In the end mum told him to just go in his pants and she would change him at home. So he did.

I had a similar thing happen as well, but I was a bit older, probably 11. Mum and dad took us to a fair type of thing at a park, and we ate and drank while there. At some stage she took Sean to the porta potties, but when she came back she was disgusted with the filthy state of them. I kind of needed to go before we left, but decided to hold on. We were running a bit late, and dad had to go out, so mum told him to drop us off at the local corner store and the 3 of us would walk home. This would allow dad to just keep going straight to his meeting and save time.

So after we left the store,(which had no toilets) and we were making the 10 minute walk home, I was bursting. Even as a big kid of 11, I was unashamedly holding myself with my hand and pee dancing around. I even started to whimper a bit. Mum knew I had wanted to wee before we left the fair, and realised that by getting dad to drop us off away from home was causing me big discomfort. I was nearly in tears, so when we cut through a little corner park, she told me to sit on a bench that was sort of tucked away in some bushes. Once seated, she told me to wet myself. I really didn't want to, and Sean was stunned as well, his eyes wide as he watched me. She made him turn his back to me, as did she, and kept a look out. I was wearing black sweat pants, and she said nobody would notice.

I was starting to leak, and I didn't have much choice. So as they stood in front of me with their backs turned, I sat on the bench and peed in my pants. It ran everywhere of course, and left a big puddle under the bench. I had a 5 minute walk home in wet pants afterwards.

I was also the bed wetting older brother. Sean had never really had issues. He had wet once or twice, but I wore a nappy to bed every night. One night aged about 9-10,I was diapered up before bed, and playing in my room. I needed to pee, so I went to the toilet. But mum was sitting in there. To be honest, I probably could have held on, but mum cracked the door open to see me standing there with my legs crossed, and told me to go into the bathroom and do it in my nappy. So I did.

When I'm doing little time, these are the type of things I really love remembering and doing.

Any else like getting permission to wet?
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Well I never got to actually wet my pants what would happend since we live out in the country she would usally pull over and tell me to whip it out and go so we could get back ont the road.

Now that I actually think about it I never got permision to wet myself any where, but I would actually love to have someone to tell me in person that it's ok to wet my pants or my diaper.

Don't know if it will ever happen though, but a guy can dream can't he.:sweatdrop:
I grew up along Barnegat Bay, N. J. so we always went swimming. Like you, as a child I'd have to go and my mom would tell me to go in the water and just wet into my swimming suit.
I never got permission to wet myself but I often did while wearing a swimsuit and playing in the ocean or with the hose.
I don't think I ever got permission but I can see why you like to think about when you did! It seems so... taboo! ;)
Since your mom gave you permission to wet your nappy, did she also change you? Or did you have to change yourself?

One of the first things my wife asked me when we first started living together was whether I peed when I was in the bath or shower. Apparently her sibling did and she found it gross. The thought had never occurred to me!
There was a time once when dad let me do it as well, aged around 9 or so.

Sean and I wanted to play on the slip n slide, but it must've been a Saturday morning, as we were watching cartoons, and dad was home. He wanted to wash the car first, and said we could help him, and he'd set the slide up for us after. Sean decided he'd rather watch TV, but I loved helping dad wash the car, so I agreed to help.

I changed into a pair of towelling style light blue beach shorts, and went out to help. The funny thing is, I don't really remember much about how it happened, or why. I don't even recall being very desperate or if I was deliberately holding on so I could wet myself later on the slide.

But I must've needed to go badly. I really don't remember the build up or desperation, but I suddenly leaked quite badly as dad was hosing the car off. I think I was just too distracted, and didn't pay attention to my need. I remember watching dad hose the soap of the car, and I was standing in a puddle of water and making footprints with my bare feet on the cement, when I suddenly became aware that I'd just squirted in my pants.

I quickly grabbed my crotch with my hand, and felt wetness there, and a trickle of pee ran down my legs as I bent over and crossed them. I just froze on the spot, and must've peed for perhaps 3-4 seconds before I regained control.

The next thing I know, dad is asking me what's wrong, and did I need to go to the toilet. I just couldn't speak at first, but he could see the wet patch on my light blue shorts even with my hand clamped there.

"Did you have an accident mate?" He asked me.

I just nodded my head and could feel tears starting. I was holding myself through my wet shorts, and that was all that was really stemming the flow. I was suddenly acutely aware of how badly I needed to pee, but also new it was too late.

I just mumbled something like "I've gotta go to the toilet...."

I remember his response clearly. He just smiled at me and said "I think it's a bit late for that now. Just go and stand over there on the grass and finish."

The grass area was only a few feet away, but I lost complete control as I started walking, and stood on the lawn as pee ran down my legs everywhere. I just spread my legs and felt complete horror as I had my accident. I was in tears as I finished.

Dad wasn't mad at all. He just told me to stop crying and he'd fix it. Then, without warning, he squirted me right in the crotch with the hose! I squealed and jumped, and he started chasing me with the hose, laughing as he got me saturated. He basically cheered me up instantly by making a big game out of getting me wet.

He told me not to worry, he wouldn't tell mum or Sean that I'd had an accident, and when he finished washing the car, he set the slide up.

Mum bought Sean out shortly afterwards in his speedos and a towel, and saw I was soaked. Dad and I were laughing, and he explained he may have accidentally gotten me a bit wet with the hose.....

As far as I know, he didn't tell mum. But if he did, she never said anything.

Sean and I both wet ourselves later playing under the water, as we always did.
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I can remember being given permission to wet in my pants on several occasions. Three of these occasions were in our van. Two were when we were stuck in traffic on the freeway due to some accident or road construction. I couldn't hold it, mainly because when I was this age I had a weak bladder. Mom couldn't pull over or exit the freeway as the traffic was at a standstill. Mom just told me to sit on a towel and pee. I just relax and let it flood into my pants. I didn't have any diaper on, just my tighty whities. I had to change myself when I got home. I wasn't embarrassed at all by this. It happened again twicw about two and three years later.
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I remember once when I was about four years old I got permission from my mother to poop my pants. My brother is two years younger than me, so he was about the age to start potty training. I had already been through it all. Well, one day my father was in the shower (and only bathroom in our apartment) when I had to poop. Not knowing what to do I ask my mom to tell my dad to hurry so I could go. She was changing my brothers Pull-Up, potty training apparently wasn't going well, and she told me I could put one of his diapers on and go in that. I remember putting the Pull-Up on and start walking around the apartment with only a diaper and t-shirt on. I remember my mom getting annoyed and telling me to hurry up and go while she still had all the changing supplies out. I also remember going somewhere private to do the deed. I have always wondered if that moment was what made me into the ABDL I am today, or if I already was before then.
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There were plenty of times when I was painfully nearing an accident, but my Mom or Dad always had me whip it out and pee behind a tree or on the side of the road, etc.

At one point, we were sitting in traffic and I was desperate for a number #2. I was maybe 7 or 8. Instead of looking at the situation like a 'naughty child breaking his potty training', she looked at it in the same way we all do now. Everyone has those moments where they are stuck in traffic needing to go. So, she I guess she did give me 'permission' by saying 'If you have an accident, it's no big deal. But we're going to make it, I promise.' This of course was only to try to get me to stop panicking. I made it home without having an accident.
All I can say is that you guys had great moms!

I think my slightly-younger sibling ruined my chances for these sorts of incidents; when I had accidents, I was soundly spanked. I can still remember my dad spanking me with one of the roof slats from a can of Lincoln Logs while he was trying to clean me up.
Mum would always change me. I only wore at night, and usually only wore just before getting into bed, although there were times I may get diapered earlier, like after a bath or shower, so if be staying up a bit until my hair dried, or we watched a show or something.

From Sunday to Thursday I'd wear thick towelling training pants with plastic panties. With these on, I would just change myself if I woke up wet. Most of my wettings were minor. I'd just not wake up in time, and would start to dribble or leak a bit, but would wake up without flooding. The training pants contained these little mishaps quite well. I'd only ever totally flood the bed and not wake up at all if I was very tired or maybe unwell. That's why I wore an actual nappy on Friday and Saturday nights. I could stay up late, be more tired, and more prone to a heavy sleep accident.

So when I wore a nappy, mum would put it on for me. If I did need to go before bed, or if I woke up in time and made it, I was of course encouraged to remove it and use the toilet. But mum preferred to put it on properly so it wouldn't leak.

There was exceptions of course. I'd only ever wet or go once during the night, so if I did make it in time at 2am, I'd just put it back on by myself as I probably wouldn't pee again until morning. But if mum was still up, I'd get her to do it for me.

If I woke up in a wet nappy, or in the act of wetting myself, I'd just leave it on till morning when I'd have a shower. Funny enough I nearly always made an effort to avoid wetting it, as I wanted the bed wetting days to end, but it really wasn't made a big deal out of, and a wet nappy in the morning was almost expected.

There were a few times I used it on purpose. I might wake up still dry but bursting, go to get up, but realise I had my nappy and not my training pants on, so I'd just wet myself as I lay in bed.

If I was wet in the morning, I'd have a shower and get changed before breakfast. Except on weekends if Sean and I got up before our parents did. Then I'd leave my diaper on while we ate cereal and put the cartoons on. There was a few times I'd sneakily pee in my already wet diaper as we sat in the lounge room.

I figured it was already wet, and if I took it off to go to the toilet I couldn't put it back on again, and I was supposed to shower after removing it, and that would drag me away from the TV, so I'd wet myself instead.

That was where mum drew the line though. She accepted my bed wetting and occasional accidents as that, but she absolutely hated the thought that I'd wet myself out of laziness.

She caught me one day when I was younger, maybe 7-8. I'd woke up during the night and made it to the toilet on time. I taped my diaper back on, not doing a great job of it. I was wearing it underneath my red footed pyjamas. The next morning I was dry when I woke up, but felt the need to go as I sat on a chair in the lounge room eating cereal with Sean and watching TV. Knowing mum was still in bed, I just let go, and flooded my nappy, not saying anything to Sean.

When mum got up, one of the first things she asked me was if I was wet. I of course said yes, so she told me to have a shower.

I stood up, and discovered that my poor taping up job from the night before had caused a massive leak. My butt was soaked, and there was a big wet patch on the beige seat cushion. It was blatantly obvious that I'd just wet myself as I sat watching TV.

I got a smack on the butt for that, and we were only ever rarely smacked. After my shower, mum made me wear my training pants and plastic knickers with no pants on for a while. She said if I couldn't be trusted to be like a big kid, I'd go back to training pants. It only lasted for an hour or so. Eventually I needed to pee, told her, and she told me to go to the toilet. After that she let me dress in my normal underwear and shorts again.

I remember it being one of the few times I felt embarrassed about my protection. I'd openly wear around the house with no problems, but when I was told I was staying in them all day as punishment, it really freaked me out for a while.

Disclaimer: this was over 40 years ago, so my memory isn't great. I just remember the emotional side of it. I admit I've probably twisted the actual event in my own mind as the years progressed.
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