Chicago Cubs are into adult onesies :-)

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I saw the picture briefly before the Tribune's advertising banner filled up the screen, but it was an interesting site, to say the least. Well, good for them. The Cub's are having a better year than past years, so I can see why they're excited and celebrating.
I also saw the picture but couldn't stay on the page due to all the advertising banners. Still, looks super cute. Glad they're having fun and being playful on and off the field.
That is a very BAD web site.

The ads were really invasive and I was never able to view the article, it kept recycling to the main page.

If The Chicago Tribune wants subscribers, their website would scare me away!
I saw that this morning and immediately thought about ADISC. You beat me to it Kerry!
Go Cubs Go! Having a great year!
Anyone has a better link for this, that link doesn't open with my Ghostery, adblock plus and noscript combination, that means its a really bad website that isn't safe to use.
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