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Cheshire Kitten says Hello!

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  1. Little
So, hello! I'm often known as Melly online, and I'm a Littlefur. I generally like things like Pokemon, Ponies, And World of Warcraft (I mostly play horde).

Good to meet you all!
Welcome to the community Mellie! A little fur that likes ponies and Pokémon? You'll have many, many friends here! Enjoy!
howdy dootie doo-doo Melly! :D

You didn't say & I'm not askin', but there are some groovy groups in California that would be a whole lotta fun to hangout with.
Golly! There's some SUPER FUN folks out in Hell. A. ... more neato folks up in the North Bay/San Franny areas ... prolly fun folk down in Sandy Eggo too, but I don't know of any off the top of my head? :/

I myself lived in Irvine for a couple of years. Found it very interesting.
The Beach Boys were right about a lotta things, including California Girls.
thankfully, I already have one :p

Anywho ... welcome to the site & I do hope you have the funs 'round here.
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