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Here's a thread where you can post a profile on your babyfur characters - or any character that you RP, for that matter. If there's already a thread like this, or if it's in the wrong board, feel free to move it.

AGE: 2 years old
HOME: An orphan/daycare center, where kids are free to say as long as they want, or until their parents or guardians come to pick them up.
CARETAKER: David, a “Daddy” zebra, who gives him care and love. He lets him keep his security objects, unlike other caretakers, who believe he’s getting too old for his plush toys, blanket, and pacifier.

APPEARANCE: Boo is a short, chubby panda – however, unlike most pandas, he’s not black and white; instead, his fur is a red-orange color, while his markings (such as the circles around his eyes, and his ears) are orange. He has one tooth coming out from his mouth, and he has a small cat-like tail, instead of a fuzzy bear tail. For clothing, Boo wears pairs of footed pajamas, usually in cool, light colors, such as sky blue, or emerald green. If he’s not wearing any PJs, he can be seen wearing a simple diaper with a pin on it.
PERSONALITY: Boo is a shy tot, who takes comfort in his objects, like his blanket or paci. When his things are taken away, he will often cry, and try to retrieve them, or ask other babies to help him. Besides that, Boo is very sensitive, and will often cry if hurt, or frighten if something scares him.


Name: Jesse
Home:A Nursery like building where young children are taken when their parents lives are too hectic to keep up with a child.

Caretaker: The workers at the nursury.
Appearance: Jesse is and average hight husky with blue eyes. His fur may be average in color but is kept soft and plush like a stuffed animal. For clothing, Jesse wears onesies either footed or not usually in a deep shade of blue or bright shade of red or a onesy with some sort of graphic on it. When not in a onesy Jesse will wear a shirt and a disposible diaper when inside but when outside will wear overalls over his diaper.

Personality: Jesse is mild mannered and is considerate of others feelings and will try to console them if they are hurt. Jesse's parents have always been too busy for him thus they practicly make him live at the nursery. He has been there all his life and is still "one of the babys" but the caretakers don't mind because he offers to play with the younger children. Secretly he is potty trained but makes sure the caretakers don't know. Jesse will always stand up for his friends even when outmatched and is very intelligent for his age.


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Name: Maximillian 'Max' Farlane
Age: Depends on situation mostly 5
Home: None

Caretaker: None

Appearance: Max is a rough and tumble kid, always pushing the envelope. His usual outfit consists of cargo shorts (perfect for putting stuff in!) or overalls. Both have their knees reinforced with patches. When he is fresh out of the bath, he's got gray-blue fur. When he's played for a while, it's hard to tell just what color he is.

Personality: Whether it be jumping from the top of the shelves, or bumping his head after a fall. Max usually always bounces back. Though when someone takes notice, he'll milk their care just to get cuddly with someone. His energy level is through the roof. Almost always taking time to run about whatever room he's in, he's always finding something to do that would scare anyone older taking care of him.


Lets see here...

Embry (not Falkio)

AGE: 3
SPECIS: Brown Bear
HOME: Republic of California
CARETAKER: Low the Wolf (Jon93)

APPEARANCE: Embry's physical appearance is that typical of a babyfur. He isn't a fan of clothing; normally wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and a diaper. During the summer, he enjoys wearing overalls to the park. He has several interesting bodily traits: silver hair and orange eyes. His unique hair color came from an experiment with dye, while the orange eyes are completely natural. Salmon is his favorite food. Embry can usually be found fast asleep on a caretakers lap. In an innocent way, he is lazy, but loves to be around other people. His favorite furry is Bobcat. <3

PERSONALITY: Bossy, cute, and inquisitive. He toddles around and annoys others.
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