Changing mat?

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Baby powder gets everywhere Ö_Ö I change in the shower so I can wash it off the floor and so on but man is it a hassle.. a chaning mat might make it easier to handle?

I'm pretty cheap tho, so even though it would be so lovely to feel authentic with an adult baby changing mat, they are way expensive for me. I want something with a cute pattern.. maybe a kid's towel?

What kinda changing mat you have?
GIMME PIX x)! I wanna see those cute designs.. and yeah please do recommend!
I have a few but they're no fun. I don't even recall where I got them but they're of this sort: I prefer the first ones I bought as they had a waterproof fabric that was easy to wipe down in the event of a leak. The above ones must be laundered if anything leaks, which makes them better than getting the bed, carpet, etc., wet but they're not ideal. I haven't found the right mix of price and function yet.
Ohh man that one is cheap at least! I haven't found cheap ones anywhere near me yet :x

What would make an ideal underpad?
Wal-mart has them. 27 x 36; all vinyl, cloth covered. machine wash 100% vinyl pad. I think they are about $14 for a pack of 2. Also very good selection at
TyphaHare said:
Ohh man that one is cheap at least! I haven't found cheap ones anywhere near me yet :x

What would make an ideal underpad?

I think ideal for me would be for adult size with a cute pattern of some sort. The material should be good to wipe clean but also not so plastic that it is sticky to the touch and also robust enough to take multiple washings.
Hmm good points, I'll keep an eye on those characteristics..!

Also, wal-mart or anything in America is out of the question :) I live in Europe and even ordering from Germany gets expensive. But yeah I'll try to find something from ebay. Weird how stuff which comes all the way from China comes with free postage, but buying just from the neighboring European country costs half the price of the item!
A towel can work pretty handy as a change mat. If the Goodnites bedmats are available to you, they work good too & are disposable.
I didn't know goodnites made bed mats too :D hah, of course they do..!
I'd like a reusable one, since it's more nostalgic to me (and comfy) I've had some disposable bed mats or whatever, I can grab them from my local pharmacy but they are not very cute.
puppy pad?
bambinod said:
puppy pad?

Hah! That would be perfect for a babyfur xD! Good suggestion..!
i don't have one but I'd love to get an old PVC or Vynl play mat with some cute pictures on it ^_^
I'm using a crib mattress protector I got from ebay, cloth on one side and thick vinyl on the other. Mommy can switch to whatever side works at the time. Just had to trim the elastic from around the edge.
I have the green pad in the link above. I also have 4 in pink that I ordered from Amazon for maybe $20 for the set. Then I spent another $20 on my 50 inch long one that is plain white. I also got a vinyl table cloth at Wal-Mart for about $3 per yard. It is a floral design white. I usually stand up to change and don't usr much powder. My pads are very handy for sleeping on though and for anything else that might be messy.
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