Change my nappies in public


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How can I used a baby changing room in a shop
You can ask for a key if it’s locked
“Excuse me I need to use the (bathroom, handicapped facilities, etc)”. I would not seek out to find a baby changing room… the changing surfaces in there are not going to fit you or hold your weight unless they are a special needs changing place. In that case if you need it you need it. But don’t use it for anything other than changing - get in and get out
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I’ve never changed in public and I’m still new to diapering, but when I’m diapering myself, I actually prefer the standing method, I thought it would be good to start off learning this method for in case I need a change in public :3
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I don't wear in public much and when I do I try to stick to wetting. I very rarely change in public and try to keep that at home. If it gets to the point I need to change though I use their regular restroom in the facility and use a stall and just hope that there aren't many people in there. If they don't have one I just wrap up what I'm doing as quick as possible get out of there and either change when I get home or drive somewhere else I know that has one. Public baby changing rooms should be left for the young because that's who they are designed for (unless like @diapernh said that it is one that is rated and okayed for special needs or adult use).
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