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Cecilia says hi!~

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Hello all!

I recently discovered the AB lifestyle and was always interested into it and only recently became a bit more active in it... Due to this I have created a "persona" of sorts whenever I regress.
Little "Cecilia"... She is quite the jokester, she loves colouring and being creative as well as plushies and dress up.
ESPECIALLY dress up as she will wear costumes and dresses similar to a Jester's dress.
She also LOVES dragons and mythical stories, Especially Jesters and medieval things.

While my natural hair is about shoulder length, brunette hair. Cecilia has long strawberry blonde/orange hair and I will usually wear a wig and sometimes a little bit of makeup to achieve this look.

I figured I would join this forum to meet more AB/Littles...etc and maybe eventually find a nice mommy/daddy/caretaker to regress with~ ^^

I'm also fairly new to forums and working them so hopefully I learn how to use/operate on this forum pretty quickly...hehe.
HI nice to meet you
*waves at Cecilia* Hello back!

Hello there and welcome,
This lazy man was late to welcomed you lol, nevermind.
So what's your other interest and hobbies? You seems like to be cosplay.
My other interest was nature activity and geocacher and my hobbies was writing and sometimes cook.

Nice to meet you here!

Hi Cecilia ^_^ I'm new and a little too :3 Nice to meet you
Hello Cecilia! Im new to here as well! Nice to meet you
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