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Cause of DL


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Hi all,
Trying to figure out the cause of DL. I can't help but think that what by biological father did to me. A while back, I remember seeing a video of him grabbing me using that particular garment (suprise). I don't think this was done with nefarious intention per se, but it crosses a line that I think that most people would not cross.

My problem with him is that he seems to cross boundaries easily - so when looking back on my early childhood/infancy I wouldn't be surprised if he did cross one along the lines of "let's play" let's "make a joke." He has a hands on kind of person, and doesn't have good boundaries. Then this acts as a catalyst of a fetish to form.

I wonder if I had been raised in a family without him if the fetish wouldn't be there at all.



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It's very hard to say.

Many DL's did have 'problems' in childhood but many others didn't.

I think your childhood 'problems' probably had something to do with you being a DL but whether you would have become a DL without these same problems is any one's guess.