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I think I've been found out. I gave a somewhat reasonable answer for why I had diapers in my room. They were the Always Discreet pull ups. I said they were for an old girlfriend before I moved back. I heated up extremely fast, but I think I got it covered. I need a new place to store my diaper without them being found without my knowledge.
Ok, who found them, Mom, new GF, friend, sister or brother, etc? that would seriously help everyone to know whats up, and stay cool headed.
My dad. He found them
OK, wow thats a hard one, I'm 24/7 IC and my dad still has no clue.....
guess it depends on how understanding your dad is. my mom understands my diapering and is helpful with it, but I'd never tell my dad because he's not understanding of anything. So if you two don't have the greatest relationship, your in a rock and a hard place. But as painful as it may be, I'd be honest, it's easier than hiding it for the rest of your life. So here goes:
If my dad found my diapers, here's what I'd do: I'd be honest. I'd say I wear diapers, I like my diapers and they make me feel better-happy-etc. I'm not out doing drugs or drinking, I'm not sleeping around or anything like that, I'm not hurting anyone. I simply like wearing diapers, if thats the worst thing I ever do, I'll be proud of myself. and yes, it's seems like the a weird out of place thing todo, but it's part of me, and it doesn't change how I love you and as my dad I hope you see me in the same way. Thats what I'd say.
I know what your going through is hard time, I had a friend find out and it was painful at first, but it didn't change how they felt about me as a friend, and they continue to accept me and my being IC/DL. Hope this helps, I'm sure everyone else well chime in with good advice, thats one thing you have going for you, being on adisc.
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Me and my father are not the best of friends. We're usually at each others throats. Thankfully he's moron and can't out think me, so I think my cover story will hold.
We'll I know how you feel, my dad doesn't even like me that much, other wise, He'd know about my diapers like my mom...
But we've all had to cover, and yours was spot on. I would find a better hiding place for the diapers though, if he finds them again, you'll really be in a pickle. best of luck :)
I think you should lay low for awhile. Make a point to throw them away if you haven't already, and do not risk wearing or stashing in the house for awhile. If he finds more later on, he will only be more pissed that you lied.

If you are thinking of coming clean, start with an apology for not being truthful and then keep the explanation simple. Just an "I like wearing them." Do not give any other reasons or details up front, let him ask the questions, if he has any.

If he does not accept the idea, then give it up. . .his house, his rules . . .respect them. Wait until you can move out. . .again?. . .before you indulge.
Funny how dad's are always the one you never want to know. I suppose when my mom found mine she told my dad, but he never said anything. My mom sent me to see a psychiatrist, so I guess my dad must have known, as it was expensive. Sometimes you just have to say, hey, this is who I am. Really, that was all I could say, but I didn't have the excuse you have, so for now, I'd stay with that. I was also having a psychotic break with reality, hence the psychiatrist. Anyway, I wish you the best in all of this. It's never easy and I'm sorry that it happened.
He bought it. No further talk or anything or anything worth merit.
Lol! I always love a happy ending :biggrin:
Me too. I loss a couple of pull ups but the majority of my supply is left unknown. Still need another hiding place maybe with a lock this time around.
Maxx said:
Careful with that assumption. Dads are often pretty good at putting on and maintaining the face they want you to see. Its possible that he knows a lot more than you give him credit for.

So true :) Mums too (just without the beer)

There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent (Lao Tzu)
I know him. He's really lazy, so long as long as I give him a reasonable answer he'll forget about it.
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