Caretakers with Little tendencies?


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My position in the ABDL community is a little muddy to me. I'm definitely the Caretaker type but I also have some Little interests but I'm not really a Little? I always cuddle with my plushy, enjoy content aimed at much younger people (Bluey is love, Blue is life), and folks have always considered me kind of childish in personality. But while I'll drink a juicebox while watching MLP and wearing a Tom and Jerry shirt, I've never been in a Little headspace while doing it nor have I wanted to be. I'm just an adult that likes kid stuff, I guess. I've also never had the desire to wear nappies but, not gonna lie, I wouldn't be against at least giving it a try. It's just not a thing I've ever felt the drive to do.

I'm still very new to the ABDL community in general and was wondering if childlike Caretakers like this was normal? Maybe I'm on both sides of the coin but just haven't realised it yet. I know there are folks that are both Littles and Carers. Maybe that's me? Yeah, I'm really still figuring stuff out.
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You are not alone, I consider myself to be more of a DL and caregiver, but I have dabbled in being little.

I definitely have a childish side and there are "little" tenancies, but trying to go into "littlespace" never quite feels right, like, I enjoy myself and all but don't really feel little, more like an adult that is just pretending. It's not like many other people describe their littlespace, now I know everyone is different and experiences things in their own individual way but I do think I am more of a CG than a little, I'd rather be taking care of, encouraging and watching someone else play than doing it myself.
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I used to be a little with my ex wife, but I’m Daddy in my the relationship.

I’ve not been a little since we started dating, she’s my little and I love to look after her
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I like to cuddle with the softest puffy blankets on this planet earth, the fuzzier, the better. I even snuggle in my animal outfits for bed. I do wear diapers, but I do not go in Little Space. I do, though play, enjoy deeply playing around and making things around the house, etc. with glee. I seem to mix several aspects of all ages into my reality.

There is no rule. Just do what you feel is right. Comfortable.

I, too, am more of a carer than a person who enjoys being cared for. I suppose it's all a matter of disposition or taste/preferences. A totally normal thing. Like reading a horoscope or a textbook: You take what you want from it. Consider it in hypothetical whatever and toss the rest out that doesn't rock your boat or education. Do as you feel comfortable.

But I can say one truth: I always liked diapers and people wearing diapers. I don't know why.

The mysteries of life. Lol.
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