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I'm always envious of how carefree many babyfurs look in art: having fun, playing, giggling, without a care in the world. And then sleeping soundly all snuggled up.

In reality, whenever I roleplay as a littlefur, I'm pretty much always cognizant of how wet my diaper is, how well it's fitting, worrying about leaks, etc. Wishing I could just curl up into a snuggled ferret ball for sleepy times without worrying about whether my rolling around will loosen my diaper.

Any advice on how to actually relax and enjoy being a littlefur instead of worrying about the usual adult problems, like leaks and how pissed the wife will be if I get any on the bed? XD
I'm not a littlefur, but when I'm regressing in diapers, I sometimes get out this large ground sheet (the type used in camping) and spread it over the bed/sofa/floor I'm on. That way I don't have to worry at all about leaks getting on furniture/carpet. The downside is the ground sheet's very crinkly every time you move about. Although I think there are other waterproof materials available out there.

Other than that, I just make sure I don't wet when lying down and 'it' is pointing upwards.
If you dont mind covering your padding up, I find that wearing something snug over the diaper (such as a soft pair of childish pajama pants with an elastic waistline) reduces shifting by a good amount- plus I think it adds to the experience and comfort. If it's a good fit, the diaper won't move around, but it will still, uh, expand when necessary ><

Given its elastic, the pants should fit against you snugly, keeping the diaper in place. If your diaper is taped snugly and the pants have a snug fit, leaks tend not to occur.
For me I usually try to stay in a place of the house that has easy to clean flooring and make sure to play on a large blanket. That way if I leak only the blanket gets wet and the cleanup is easy. Also like other have said try getting a cute absorbent diaper cover. With this combination not only do I have a snug and cute diaper but I rarely have any leaks.
There is a difference between babyfur and littlefurs, babies doesn't give a fuck about their diaper, if it's clean or messy :p Littlefurs knows that pee and poop should go in toilet, for example :3
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