CareClo onesie- Thoughts?

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Good morning, all!

I've been giving some thought as to indulging my little side a tad bit, and have been considering a onesize. I found one that I really like from abdl factory from CareClo. I was curious as to in anyone has had experience with this company, or these onsizes? My second question is a manner of a size issue, I like snug fitting, hugging clothing and my body has a taper from a 40" chest to a 28/29" waist, curious as to what size you would recommend to order?

Thanks for the help, link is posted below
Oh hey I'm looking for info on this one, too :O
Well look at the measurements they give you and measure that. That is the best way to get the right size. I have never tried that brand but as a seamstess looking at it I can see that it is not going to be the greatest quality. The crotch is the main issue that I see. I think the crotch is going to be pretty weak connections.
Thanks for the heads up. I think I might go ahead and order one (Medium sounds right for me) when the 'rents are gone in February for a weekend. Could always say it's a shirt I ordered since they have discrete shipping, in case it arrives a little late
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