Can't believe I didn't think of this before! How to make plain white adult diapers cute

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Colored duct tape!
How have I never considered this? For those with plain diapers who want to make them cuter just use a strip on the front to easily add a splash of color.

I've had cute pink kitten duct tape for a while now that would be perfect for this. Also bought an adorable paw print tape at the store earlier.

Not as pretty as those that come with designs already but hey it's something. Also adds an interesting texture to fiddle with if that's your thing.

Just wanted to share~

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Oops I meant to put this in Diaper Talk
Good work for design a diaper, I often hear people doing this.
I've heard of people making customized diaper tapes. I just love any form of customization, so if it's possible on not a terrible dime.. I'm certain I'm going to try it out.

Thanks for reminding me! One of those things I just always forget.
I never thought of colored duct tape and it is certainly interesting I may try it on day.
You can get stickets at the store for really cheap and stick them on your diaper. The stickers from ABU while are cute, are super expensive, its a racket, I should sell my own lol.
Yea people have been doing that. I remember some girl on youtube under the name of madeline bug using hello kitty duct tape on an m4
we do it!! we keep looking for dino duct tape (you'd think that would be one of the more common ones right?) but we cant find any
s-l1600.jpg found this one, there are lots more

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s-l1600.jpg found this one, there are lots mores-l1600 (1).jpg i see they do hello kitty tape, cant find anyone who sells it though.
MommyandMattling i saw your needs...and i traveled into another solarsystem...and there was a store that fit your needs :biggrin:

but its only 1.25 cm thick

Buuuuuut you could get stickers from here :

and on the Rearz white :

is tons of space for stickers as you can see :sweatdrop:
I like doing this too. Sometimes I even use markers on mine.
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