Can Someone Say humility

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So, Anyways I was looking throughout my old page's I made, on fan Wikia's, and I'm gonna be honest, can someone say humility, although my fan fiction, I really want to go back to writing them. Although my one for YGO Card maker wiki, Litterly made me blush, and laugh at my past self. Here is a link, if you dare.
Anyways, have you ever felt like that when looking at your old work sometimes, That's admittingly how I feel sometimes, still I still have potential in my fanfics, but still, I'm glad I have gained more experience in that regard.

See, I'm a big boy, I know big boy words.


Haha, perfect! :laugh:

OT, Yep, I think the humility looking back happens to everyone in all fields. A lot of the things I did way back when, I can look back at and say "What was I thinking?" but the experience gained is invaluable and makes for great stories down the line that we can all laugh at. :)
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