Can disposales be cheaper?

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My mom claims the diapers raise up our water and sewer bill and I wonder if it will be any cheaper to use disposables 24/7?

Let's see:

I rinse them out in the toilet and I have to flush it every time because no way am I sticking my hands in someone else's pee. Guess how many times a day I do this? Now add in my daughter's diapers and she goes through more than me a day.

I wash them and then rinse them

We pay for water and sewer so doubling that in our bill raises it and I do wash diapers about every other day or three.

I wonder if it will be any cheaper to use disposable. I have tried different detergents also and my diapers still smell. I am thinking about trying rock bottom or whatever that detergent is called. I have tried vinegar and they still smell and so does the washer, I have tried washing less diapers, tried the oxy clean detergent whatever it's called and they still smell, I tried rinsing them out and they still smell. I feel selfish for all this because my mom just told me she has to rewash her clothes because of the pee smell. I don't know how many times I would have to rinse them out or wash them before the smell is gone so I wonder if using disposables 24/7 be any cheaper? If diapers will be any cheaper than our sewer and water bill, then we would be saving money with disposables. I don't do the finances so I wouldn't know how high our water bill is and the sewer.

Anyone ever had any experience? Is your bill any cheaper with cloth or more?


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Disposables, are well.. disposable. Meaning you have to keep constantly buying bags of them. After the normal life stage of a toddler, disposable diapers cost more than cloth due on average.


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In my opinion it is a partial myth that cloth diapers are cheaper. (of course that largely depends on the disposable diaper you buy and the cloth).

But there's a few factors I don't see being mentioned very often by the pro-cloth folks:
- The washer / dryer... they're not built to last forever, and with every cycle you take a bit of "life-span" away. so washing far more frequently than you'd would with say no cloth diapers, will have you replace the washer and dryer sooner than you'd would without the cloth diapers.
Now those machines aren't exactly el-cheapo things either.
Like a car, every mile you drive "costs" - not just the fuel.

- Cloth diapers do NOT last forever either... the figures vary and of course it is a bit individual - but from when I had a trie with them, I'd say about a year.
The plastic pants are also a bit of a thing - I've had pairs anywhere between 6 month and 2 years that did fail (albeit my own cloth "experiment" didn't last more than 1.5).
I still use cloth during traveling sometimes (I use home made diapers from microfiber towels - quick dry... and pul type plastic pants - when I can not carry all the supplies I'd nee in disposables). But they don't last forever either.

- Washing detergent isn't free either - neither is bleach if you'd like them not to look pee stained sooner than later.

- Time - well that is a bit of a mixed one, I'm self employed so my time is "expensive" - it takes me more time to take frequent care of all the cloth stuff. (washing).
Not much, but over the years it would add up.. .and if you're employed somewhere it is your free time you shorten for this.
(again this isn't usually a deal breaker, but still).

- Skin care products... with todays disposable diapers I personally don't need stuff like cream or powder... they are that good and luckily my skin isn't fragile.
But even if I'd use them I guess I'd need far less.
But with cloth there's no real way around it, as the cloth diapers don't bind the fluid well and you're sitting in a far more wet environment.
Now that is a real cost factor too.

- of course as mentioned by you: water & electricity

Of course if you only buy the most expensive disposable diaper for day & night use - it will obviously be more expensive.
But if you go with something in a more affordable range like my Attends Slip Regular M10 for night time and pads for daytime...
it can be about a similar cost as with cloth diapers I have figured. Maybe slightly more expensive - but the gain in both comfort and practicability is well worth it to me.
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