Can anyone tell me when these Goodnites are from?

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While at RiteAid today, I passed through the diaper aisle as normal and was shocked when I found these old girls Goodnites. I'm a young diaper lover, and these are from before I was into wearing. I think they are mid 2000's but am unsure. They had them in both sizes for girls, but had the newest boys ones instead of the old ones. Don't know how they are still around, but they are! Haven't seen these designs before, so I'm only able to guess of when they're from. Anyone know when they are from??
So a description would be kind of helpful, maybe a pic to
I thought I posted a few pictures, but they mustn't have went. Can you help me out? And they are all flower designs. Multiple small flowers with white sides.
my guess is and I am pretty much a goodnites "expert" is that what you have is from the early/mid 2000's you know when the boys were plain white but had bmx designs all over them that's the best answer I can give you without seeing some pics.
I can't figure out how to post a picture, but after I've done some more research, I think they are from 2004, from what I read on Wikipedia. They are all white, but have various flower designs on them. They are super stretchy but I feel like they weren't as strong in the sides as the "newer" ones, the ones before the current redesign. I also feel they are more crinkly than the new ones, which suits me better
some stores like right aid or other small volume retailers may not sell through their products frequently enough to have the most up to date versions of certain products
and also their prices may be higher then other retailers which may have shoppers buying their products like goodnites elsewhere
I remember these, definitely from around 2004, made some really weird memories with those things.
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