Camping and Diapers and hiking

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Have you ever hiked and worn diapers at all as well as camped in your diapers? Where did you change your diapers at? Did you change them out in the open while hiking or at camp? How many diapers did you bring and were you in groups at all?
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I saw your blog post but somehow couldn't answer. I think that the best thing to do is to change inside the tent you set up, dispose of the diapers in a black bag, seal it and then have a wash in any body of water you find. Or do what I like: buy yourself a pitcher and basin and wash yourself. There's a video on youtube on how to wash properly with a pitcher and basin outdoors.
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This summer (2016) I have spent 2 seperate weeks camping in diapers. Both times were tent camping, with vehicle accessible, once nearby and once via a one mile hike.
Both times there were many people at camp (in one case about 20 family members, in another case 27 youth scouts and leaders).
I wear 24/7 for incontinence, so I didn't have much choice, but I was discreet.
Distance to vehicle did not really matter, as disposal was done in trash cans: in one case closeby, in the other case a 1 mile hike.

I wore diapers 24/7, except for swimming. (I don't care if I wet while swimming in a river or lake).
I always changed my diaper in my tent.
I usually laid on my sleeping pad to change.
I wore on average 3 diapers during the day/evening (Tranquility ATN), and one at bedtime (Confidry 24/7).
I usually put them in a paper bag for disposal, about 3 at a time.
No one ever noticed.

Backpacking in disposable diapers would not be attempted. I would take 2-3 cloth pocket diapers and cloth stuffers for that situation, and it would be very difficult to be discreet.
Several times. Each occasion was during summer time. We ( me and my wife) lay down tent on camp site where you can find toilet and bathroom facilities. Only catch is that camp site is mountain region where during night temperature drop to 3-7 C. Not funny if you need to go to toilet which is clean, nice but not not sealed ( under roof there where no sealing). My wife resorted to diapers in case of need. I joined her after first night visit to toilet. With diaper and footed onesie nights pass without problem.

For hiking: I recommend only during very cold winter. Diapers are very useful when it is very cold,if winter clothing removal is complicated and no possibility for privacy ( lack of vegetation) and presence of people. I wear mine under basic layer overall.
I bring one diaper per 12 hours I am camping. I go to a recreation group for ppl with disabilities once per year in august and since I wear adult diapers in the day and night I always pack two for sure for each day I am camping and then an extra one for each day just in case. So three per day but we only usually do a three day camp so I would just pack 10 diapers. Im using the Tena Ultra Large poly backed adult diapers right now. I just purchased a bag of 40 diapers today and that should last me the month.2016-08-02 19-18-40.927.jpg

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Never had a problem I go camping and wear nappies all the time as I am incontinnet. I just change in the tent bag the nappy and bin it.
When I go camping I wear every night, the best part is no one knows, useally the next morning everyone is hung over or moving real slow so they don't notice me wearing.
My morning routine is drink coffee and then do a #2 shortly there after, so I just walk down to the rest rooms change out of my wet one, do my business then back to camping with friends
I'm no where near as experienced as the other posters, however take note that sweating makes you pee a lot less. My first time wearing out was to a music festival and I only pee'd twice the whole day. Enjoy your trip!
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Have you ever hiked and worn diapers at all as well as camped in your diapers? Where did you change your diapers at? Did you change them out in the open while hiking or at camp? How many diapers did you bring and were you in groups at all?

I love hiking and camping, I've tried my best to always get my changes done inside the tent.

although, some very pleasant changes have taken place on the trail in the open! nice to wipe up with an amazing view. The only bad part is hiking my stinky diapers out of there!!
Many MANY times, camping is good as long as there is a way to dispose of the nappies cleanly, hiking less so, I personally find that the nappies we use (ABU cushies) rub and irritate the inside of my theighs while we are hiking

Most changes done in tent, one embarrassing change under the picnic table in the campsite.
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