Camera Issues

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So, i'm having several issues with one of my old cameras (specifically a National NV-M5A).
Basically what is happening is when I hook the live output of the camera to a display (standard Composite red, white, yellow cable) all I get is a black and white image.
If I record a video (it uses standard full-size VHS tapes) then play it back using the same connection, I get an image with completely off-looking colours.
Test_card copy.jpgIMG_2534.JPG
On the left is a colour test chart I downloaded off the internet. On the right is a photo of my monitor showing a recorded image of the camera pointing at the image. You can see that the colours (especially red) do not display properly. (Depending on the Video Recorder, if I take the tape out of the camera and play it, I either get B&W or wierd colours).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know exactly when the camera was made but the inbuilt clock seems to think we're in 1986 so that might be it.:smile1:
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