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So, i'm having several issues with one of my old cameras (specifically a National NV-M5A).
Basically what is happening is when I hook the live output of the camera to a display (standard Composite red, white, yellow cable) all I get is a black and white image.
If I record a video (it uses standard full-size VHS tapes) then play it back using the same connection, I get an image with completely off-looking colours.
Test_card copy.jpgIMG_2534.JPG
On the left is a colour test chart I downloaded off the internet. On the right is a photo of my monitor showing a recorded image of the camera pointing at the image. You can see that the colours (especially red) do not display properly. (Depending on the Video Recorder, if I take the tape out of the camera and play it, I either get B&W or wierd colours).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't know exactly when the camera was made but the inbuilt clock seems to think we're in 1986 so that might be it.:smile1:


LOL. Another frugal afficionado of old equipment. As long as something works, I'll keep using it forever. Junior laughs at me...but he also gives me his old electronics when he's tired of them or they're no longer trendy enough to suit him. Otherwise there would never have been a 50inch plasma in the man cave.

I don't know anything about that device, but the first thing I would do is hunt online for the user manual. You'd be surprised how many manuals are out there, even for things that predate the internet.
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