Calming her fears


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It is bedtime.
"Come on,little one,rock a bye time". He picks her up,sits down on the rocking chair and starts to rock holding his baby close and tight. She fusses because she hates bedtime but he is so used to this that without missing a beat he has the pacifier in her mouth. A hush immediately falls and she puts her head on his shoulder, sucking her paci like a good little girl. She closes her blue eyes and between the safety of his arms, the rocking motion and the pacifier soon she is asleep. He continues to hold her knowing that if he puts her down before she is in a deep sleep she will wake up and cry until he picks her back up. He savors these moments if he is honest with himself. Finally he gets up and carries her to her crib,he stands there swaying with her for a minute more. Then he gently lies her on her back. He ALWAYS puts her jammies on her after she is zonked out or she fusses. And he knows by now she needs a diaper change. Making sure her pacifier is still in her mouth he gently removes her pants. Yep,that pamper is definitely wet. He sighs. Potty training is just not going to happen for awhile. She is completely comfortable going night night in very wet,and if his nose is correct,dirty pants. He grabs the wipes,diaper rash cream and powder and gently begins yet another diaper change,praying she doesn't wake up. Uh huh,she dropped her paci and is starting to stir. "WAAAHHHHH"!!!! The peace is broken. Quickly and efficiently he puts the pacifier back in her mouth. "Shhhh...It is okay,little one. I have got to change your diaper. You went teetee and poo poo. Shhh,it is okay. I will make it all better ". He soothes her as he cleans her up. He expertly tapes the dry diaper in place and says "Good girl! All done. Fresh, dry and clean. Big girl". She is already back asleep. Ever so carefully he removes her top and gets her nightgown out of the drawer. Quickly she is in her jammies. He kisses her forehead and "click" puts the crib side up. Hopefully she is down for the night...

WAAAHHHHH, WAAAHHHHH, WAAAHHHHH!!!! He immediately wakes up,glancing at the clock 3:05am. Oh,no,baby must of had a nightmare! He rushes out of bed and into the nursery. She is sobbing and her little face is bright red. Real tears are pouring down her cheeks like rain.
He scoops her up, and the ever present paci and begins the long process of soothing and getting her back to sleep. He pops her paci in her mouth but she is not having it. She immediately spits it out and wails louder. She is clinging to him and crying uncontrollably. He sits down with her on his lap and starts to rock talking to her in soothing and gentle tones until the wailing becomes hiccups. They have been rocking for a long time now but at least finally she seems to be calming down. This time when he puts the pacifier in her mouth she takes it. Good girl, he says and kisses the top of her head. He repositions her so that her head is on his shoulder and continues to rock. Show me what a big girl you are, close those pretty eyes and go night night. He tells her. She looks like she is about ready to cry again and spits out the pacifier but quickly he reminds her that he is there and pops the paci back in. Come on, sweetie, it is okay. Take your paci. It will help you calm down. He gently convinces her.

He suddenly awakes, he is in the nursery on the rocking chair and she is still fast asleep on his lap,pacifier in place.
It is already daylight and he knows that he needs to change this little one's pamper and hopefully catch an hour sleep in his bed. He carefully stands up and lays her in her bed. She stirs and he puts the pacifier that fell out back in and holds his breath. She sucks fervently and is back asleep. He changes her diaper, this time just wet,and puts the rail up. She is fast asleep.